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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Does This Look Like a 1930's Dobro??

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cdugger - Posted - 03/01/2011:  09:28:50


RED - Posted - 03/01/2011:  09:35:01

I think I would leave it where it sits. not enough info.

otdobro - Posted - 03/01/2011:  12:39:59

I'd say It's a 1930's Regal built model 14. I have one myself

haza - Posted - 03/01/2011:  12:54:53

hi cdugger with what knowledge i have that sure is a 1930s regal . regal started with seriel numbers in 1930 . as i have a 1928 regal with no numbers , sure looks the real deal to me its not a square neck i see . but still very nice . love and peace haza

cdugger - Posted - 03/01/2011:  14:00:04

Thanks what do you think it's worth?

Edited by - cdugger on 03/01/2011 14:01:08

Square Neck - Posted - 03/01/2011:  16:59:58

Originally posted by RED

I think I would leave it where it sits. not enough info.

Besides playing it, what info do you think is missing?

Some great pictures IMO for an ebay sale...

haza - Posted - 03/01/2011:  19:15:34

whats it worth to you , his what you want to ask yourself . i would not have a clue to be honest . the 1928 regal i have would if it were for sale would fetch so i am told at least £1500 ,so i am told . but there would have to be some one out there looking for such an instument , to the lay man looking at it .would think it was worth £10 love and peace haza

Slideman1939 - Posted - 03/02/2011:  09:56:44

When I Ichecked E Bay it was just going off (ending) with an $800 final price and 30 bidders. It must have appeared to be a good cost / quality value to some---how many times does one see 30 bidders on ANY e-Bay Dobro offering ???

otdobro - Posted - 03/02/2011:  13:33:42

There's an Aussie that has one on ebay at present that wants $3000 for one......LOL.. ebay # 230592102527
I agree with Slideman, around $800 is the going rate for a model 14.

El Dobro - Posted - 03/02/2011:  18:17:28

And here's another.

bluesdoc1952 - Posted - 03/12/2011:  18:02:20

I lucked out and won this on eBay. I believe it is a Model 45 from 1934 by the serial number with very interesting etching on the coverplate. Has anyone seen this decoration before?


otdobro - Posted - 03/13/2011:  05:21:41

Congrat's on your "new" axe ! I was watching it myself just for kicks. That is an unusual coverplate for a pre-war, but it appeared to have the pat. information under the palm rest, so I assumed it was original, although the ingraving could have been added by someone later on. This looks more like a model 37 to me.The 45's usually had a two piece back with inlay down the center.

oswald - Posted - 03/13/2011:  07:12:53

Looks like a lugged cone & short spider too.

bluesdoc1952 - Posted - 03/16/2011:  14:10:51

How right you are! Lugged cone. It has a sweet deep throaty bass. Some new dobros that I have heard get a bit fuzzy in the bass.

El Dobro - Posted - 03/16/2011:  19:25:40

It looks like the top is spruce. If so, that would make it a 45. I had an old 45 that had the fancy engraving on the coverplate, too. I figured they were using metal up around the factory. That old engraving is very distinctive.

bluesdoc1952 - Posted - 03/17/2011:  14:10:17

Wouldn't a Model 45 have the two piece back with inlay (see otdobro's post above)? I am new to the various prewar model Dobros, I can tell a Cyclops from a Model 27 or so, but that would be about it. So I rely on the collective wisdom of you guys on this forum.

otdobro - Posted - 03/17/2011:  15:13:39

I just sent Randy Getz a message on this, he's the expert. We'll see what he has to say.

bgdobro - Posted - 03/17/2011:  16:51:36

I had seen this instrument on eBay and I discussed it with Bobby Wolfe who has seen many more pre-war Dobros in his life than I will probably ever see. we discussed several oddities about this instrument which was advertised as a Model 45, which I will point out now. The Decal is not like any pre-war decal I have seen, I have 13 pre-war instruments and all the decals are the same and differ from this one as follows: the letters are thinner on the prewar decals and there is black shading in the base of the lyre as well as extending up both sides of the lyre. It appears that there was some other decal and the Dobro decal was put where the previous one was located. The coverplate is Nickle and the tailpiece is Chrome which I don't think would have been done that way at the factory. The serial number with the 2 suffix indicates a factory second, which is of no significance. As Jim pointed out most if not all Model 45's had a backstripe down the center of the back. While the sprucetop was found exclusively on Model 45's the odd thing here is that they were finished in natural and not shaded, so this is another strange feature. While many strange things were done in the pre-war era some things were pretty standard and that would pertain to the finish of a Model 45. Another strange thing would be why would they add engraving to the coverplate of a factory second instrument. I will conclude by saying that it is one of those instruments that has to be in your hands to allow a thourgh examination. I thought it was an interesting piece when I saw it on eBay. Randy

bgdobro - Posted - 03/17/2011:  17:02:54

I have uploaded a photo of a peghead logo on one of my pre-war instruments which you can see on my home page and click on photos. Randy

bgdobro - Posted - 03/17/2011:  17:10:49

I was in error on the 2 suffix this instrument was in the 5000 series and I was looking at another Model 45 peghead serial number in my pictures folder, so ignore any reference I made to the factory second instrument. my bad, Randy

bluesdoc1952 - Posted - 03/18/2011:  14:28:15

Well whatever it is, it sure sounds good! We had close to 70 degrees here in Cincinnati yesterday. I sat on the front porch after work playing that baby for about an hour.
Maybe I was in Heaven...
You've been there, I am sure, so you know that these little details do not matter that much when you're playing.
Thanks to all.

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