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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Dobro "lay flat stand"

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Stevespickn - Posted - 05/12/2011:  08:36:32

I play mostly banjo, and would like to have a stand that my dobro could lay flay, secure on, ready to play after I took a banjo break. I would have it miked, sitting ready to play on stage. Any body ever heard of such a stand?




TC6969 - Posted - 05/12/2011:  09:11:19

Lightweight keyboard stand works.


Try Musicians Friend.

otbreso - Posted - 05/12/2011:  09:42:41

There used to be a company that made them but they discontinued them. I was thinkin about buildin one out of an old ironing board or something like that.

Grizz - Posted - 05/12/2011:  10:34:36


Originally posted by otbreso

There used to be a company that made them but they discontinued them. I was thinkin about buildin one out of an old ironing board or something like that.

Yupper. Not makin' em anymore. An adjustable keyboard stand would be better than an ironing board. They are too damn wobbly. Of course you would have to make some minor modifications to make it secure but they would be minimal. Adapt and overcome. yeswinksmiley

SamCy - Posted - 05/12/2011:  11:47:06

Emily Hogeback uses a keyboard stand.


daver - Posted - 05/12/2011:  12:02:47

IIRC, Emily uses a resonator stand from Morrell Music.  The website shows a lap steel stand; but it appears a bit different from the one shown here.  Contact Morrell Music for better information.

otbreso - Posted - 05/12/2011:  13:31:41

Morrell is the one that was discontinued. I've been wanting to do this so next time i go to town I'll go by Gitcenter and see what they have and what I can adapt. I wanna stand up but it hurts too bad after a while.

pshambroom - Posted - 05/12/2011:  15:22:30

Modified keyboard stand, I got basic stand for $5 at a thrift store, I think around $50 at CC. Materials for mod: 3/4 inch conduit, a tool hanger (cut off sharp screw end and drill hole), some screws and washers, black spray paint.



Grizz - Posted - 05/12/2011:  15:52:40


Originally posted by otbreso

Morrell is the one that was discontinued. 

I couldn't remember the name of it, but that be the one. It appeared to be a decent stand. If memory serves me correct they went for a pretty good price. Paul did a little betterwink at least on building the stand. Now if he would just put the photos on his homepage right side up. I'm too friggin' old to be standing on my head, don't cha' know. dead

pshambroom - Posted - 05/13/2011:  06:08:03

Grizz- I must be living in Bizzaro land this week. These photos from my iPhone looked fine on my computer but appeared upside down when I previewed the post, so I inverted them, reposted and they looked OK. Perhaps it's a message that the ideal stand should be hanging from the ceiling. Less interference with mic and pickup cables that way. (perhaps if you reverse the battery or plug on your computer they will look right....)

Just in case I'll repost them the original way



Grizz - Posted - 05/13/2011:  06:56:08

That is so weird. I was talking about the ones on your homepage. lmao I hope you know I just teasin' ya. That stand looks like just what the doctor ordered. You must me a bargain hunter like me and squareneck.   


pshambroom - Posted - 05/13/2011:  07:52:58

Yes Mike, and the teasin' back at ya. Yes, also to bargain hunter and squareneck. (I see you responed to my post in "Setup and Repair" with question about sound of old wood resos played guitar style, still wondering...) I'll use my stand for the first time in a gig with my trio next week. It may look weird to Dobro traditionalists, but I will mostly be playing guitar and I hope it will make the transitions quicker. I'm even going to try playing ukulele and reso on the same song, leaving off my middle pick to strum the uke.

otbreso - Posted - 05/13/2011:  08:53:47

Pshambroom, Thanks for the ideas. I'm gonna give it a try but I think I'll put an arm on either side of the lower bout to kinda hold it center and so it doesn't slip off if somebody bumps it. Sand bags on the feet.

pshambroom - Posted - 05/13/2011:  09:35:42

otbreso- the keyboard stand already has plastic tabs that are just about perfect to grip the lower bout and protect it from the metal. I just moved one from the left arm to the right. It's surprisingly stable, even at the highest setting, which I used for stand up playing (my mod won't work at other heights.) THe hardest part was banging indents into the new tube and drilling at the correct angle.

Paul C - Posted - 05/13/2011:  09:48:42

My wife found me a Morrell on Ebay last Christmas. It's designed with lap steel guitars in mind, but should fit Resonator Guitars if placed in the waist instead of at the wide point of the body.  It 's designed well, but one leg on mine was welded crooked, so it wobbled a good bit. I picked up a keyboard stand on sale for $10, and modified it with some parts from the Morrell. The "hybrid" stand works really well, and I'm pretty pleased with it. I tried contacting Morrell 3 times, but they never answered their email, so I did what I felt was good for me. I cut the keyboard stand shorter so I can sit, and not have the top too wide for the Oahu  I use on it.  Reso players might not need to shorten the stand, as you're  playing a longer instrument. Standing players might need to find a wider stand to take the length of a Reso. Best to try placing your instrument on a keyboard stand, and see how it all fits at the height you want to play. If Morrell reissues the stand, it's  worth buying, if it isn't welded crooked. But try calling them, they might answer their phone.


pshambroom - Posted - 05/17/2011:  21:11:20

Morrell lap steel stand is on clearance at Guitar Center for $90. Don't know if this will work for reso, but here it is:

6stringTom - Posted - 07/28/2011:  20:02:25

I bought and am using this one:;sr=1-2.

I originally got it for a lap steel, but due to back problems I've been using it for reso, too.  What I like about it is that the legs do not cross, so your knees will fit under it in a seated position.  I also think the four leg design should be more stable than the cross legs of most keyboard stands.  It folds up like a card table for portability, but seems quite stable when the legs are out.

Another option is  Lap steelers on the steel guitar forum rave about these, and he will customize to your guitar, including resos.  It's a more expensive option, but may well be worth it for a performing musician.

Edited by - 6stringTom on 07/28/2011 20:07:11

Grizz - Posted - 07/28/2011:  20:30:03

Tom, your right, for the performing musician the Deluxe 34 would definitely be the way to go. Damn nice stands.

pshambroom - Posted - 07/30/2011:  08:56:27

I've used my home-made on several gigs since last post, it's very stable and easy to reposition on stage. The instrument weight is nicely distributed over the legs. I see that MF and GC have a similar single X stand for $20.

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