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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Sad News - Mike Auldridge

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BlueOne - Posted - 12/28/2012:  14:36:52

I just got an e-mail from a dear friend of mine that was penned by Howard Parker. It is not good.


I hate to bare sad news during this season but I must report that Mike Auldridge is gravely ill.

I have very little to report except to say that Mike lived his life fully aware and has actively made music up until the last several weeks, doing what he has always loved to do.


Jerry Douglas has posted this on his website:


If you are a praying person, it is time to offer them to our mentor Mike Auldridge. After his long battle with cancer, he is in hospice care preparing for his final journey. He is surrounded by his loving wife and daughters. Please keep him in your thoughts these next days.

There is not much else I can say at the moment.


Y'all take care.


Shifty - Posted - 12/28/2012:  15:22:51

Words fail me.

TheKrowe - Posted - 12/28/2012:  15:30:45

I saw this on ResoGuit. From too many personal experiences with Hospice, I can assure you all that he is in the hands of earth-bound angels. He and his family are being well cared for. My prayers go out go them. God bless you, Mike. You made my life, and the lives if countless others, infinitely better.

leegee - Posted - 12/28/2012:  15:37:10

Such sad news.... Mike has been an inspiration to us all.  I will personally have him in my prayers.   Mike we love you and may GOD bless you and your family.    I recently learned "Till there was you"  from Mike's Video,  Now each time I  pl;ay the song I will think of him leegee

Edited by - leegee on 12/28/2012 15:44:09

TronconesAmigo - Posted - 12/28/2012:  15:57:10

I pray for God's Mercy for Mike ,Please spare Him any Pain and Strength for His Wife & Family !


Stringnut - Posted - 12/28/2012:  16:05:48

I cannot imagine worse news right now. This is tough to take. It puts a big knot in my stomach. Mike Auldridge has been the main source of inspiration to so many of us here. I recall that infectious smile he has flashed so many times at the end of his Beard videos. What a great smile. I'll keep Mike and his family in my prayers. God bless this incredible man.


RobA - Posted - 12/28/2012:  16:07:29

Sad news indeed. Keeping Mike and his family in my prayers! 

oldredneck57 - Posted - 12/28/2012:  16:08:46

So sorry to hear that.  He and his family are in our prayers. 

Trapper - Posted - 12/28/2012:  16:17:38

Just a heartbreaker to hear. So many of us were inspired to pick up the dobro after listening to St. Mike...his contributions have been monumental. Incidentally, his birthday is Sunday.


Hospice workers are, indeed, earthbound angels...he could not be in better mortal hands. My prayers are with Mike and family.

Edited by - Trapper on 12/28/2012 16:20:36

DaveInAL - Posted - 12/28/2012:  16:24:24

Mike is a world class musician who influenced many of us. He taught, encouraged, mentored, and otherwise promoted the playing of the resonator (dobro) guitar. In addition, he has always been a gentleman and a class act. He and his family will be in my thoughts and prayers.


badger - Posted - 12/28/2012:  16:30:30

So sorry.  Prayers for the best outcome.

Dean Upson - Posted - 12/28/2012:  16:49:10

How sad, prayers for Mike, his wife and daughters...............

kimbro - Posted - 12/28/2012:  16:55:01

Very sad news for sure. My prayers go out to Mike's family and pray that he will be spared any pain in his last days.

banjopicker - Posted - 12/28/2012:  17:38:38

I listened to Mikes first 2 albums just before coming online. It is a shock to read this!
We have recently had experience with hospise and the nurses are very compasionat! Ouer thoughts and prayers are with Mike and his loved ones! Sincerely, John Jacob and family

Kansaspicker - Posted - 12/28/2012:  17:51:48

My prayers and thoughts are with Mike and his family. If only Mike could know the inspiration and enjoyment he has brought to my life.
I pray that God will extend his love to Mike and family throughout this troubled time.

Delbert Reser

Liz Williams - Posted - 12/28/2012:  18:24:31

A kick in the gut.  Thanks for posting it so I can pray for his peaceful passage.  Blessings on you and your family, Mike.

screech - Posted - 12/28/2012:  18:30:45

So sorry to hear this. May God bless Mike and his family.

Bob Blair - Posted - 12/28/2012:  19:45:48

What an inspiration he has been, and what a nice gentle man. I'm grateful I got to meet him a couple of times. He played Lorena for me last March at the TSGA and I had to fight back the tears. I was hoping to see him at the tSGA again, but I knew from what I had been hearing that it would not likely come to pass. This is very sad news.

BlueOne - Posted - 12/28/2012:  20:15:29

A great idea. Please read this CAREFULLY.  It is important.

       A few of us started a "Card Shower" for Mike a couple of weeks ago.  Not an e-mail thing at all.  And emails should be absolutely discouraged.  It should be a physical card (or letter).  Something that would actually cost you postage in the real world.  A very personal and tangible thing that a person could hold closer to his heart while he read the words from the page.  It wasn't my original idea.  The original idea came from Bobbi Beard.  Myself, Dick DeNeve, Randy Kohrs and a few others have already started.

        So far we are doing it as sort of a "net" kind of thing.  Contact people on your personal email list or your telephone list and ask that they broaden the circle by utilizing their own personal contact lists in whatever form.  I told Bobbi that I doubted that he would actually get to read all of them but at least he would hear from a loved one that he got 56 letters that day or a 177 letters that day or whatever.

        It'll also be one last chance to get a final "jibe" in on his mailman. (He detests his mail carrier and described him once to me as a man who "would not know a dobro from an oboe".)  He'll probably get a kick out of simply knowing that he is being a huge and sustained aggravation to that particular mail carrier.

        The only thing that I've cautioned my contacts about is that it not be a "Get Well" letter or card of any kind in any shape, form or fashion.  Mike's not a stupid man.  A "Get Well Soon" message would just be absolute bull**** and he knows it.  I suspect that that sort of thing would not sit well and that he would label each and every one of them bull**** as well. 

However ... I think his birthday is Sunday ... this Sunday ... day after tomorrow.  So ... Are you in ?  If so ... here's the address below.

Mike Auldridge

218 Lexington Drive

Silver Spring, MD 20901

J.P. & Linda Johnson

242 Saddle Ridge Rd.

Sanford, NC 27330


Footnote: His Birthday is in fact Sunday.

Edited by - BlueOne on 12/28/2012 20:16:16

va picker - Posted - 12/28/2012:  20:27:13

My interest in the dobro came when I first heard Mike play at the Red Fox Inn in Bethesda, Md, back in the early 1970's. Actually met him a few years later at a festival & what a terrific guy. He spoke to me as if I was his only fan. I asked him a couple of years ago in an email how he was doing & he said he was holding his own with the illness. Sorry to hear such sad news.

Webb - Posted - 12/28/2012:  21:05:51

While I've known it hasn't looked good for him for some time, like everyone else, this is the last thing I wanted to hear. Somehow, you just think it will all work out. So glad he got the well-deserved tribute he got earlier this year. Were it not for Mike, I wouldn't even be playing a dobro. His legacy will live far beyond his short journey on this stone. A great musician and even greater human being. This is heartbreaking.

larry - Posted - 12/28/2012:  22:07:31

I just posted this in the "playing" section.  I didn't know Blue One had already posted it here.  But Mike was so important in the reso playing world perhaps this should be posted everywhere.  I am greatly saddened by this news.  He has always been the player I wished so much to play like.

chuck hall - Posted - 12/29/2012:  05:06:42

I've been dreading this. The Hospice folks are angels and I'm sure he's in the best of care. I'll treasure the little bit of time I had with Mike forever.

kruthof - Posted - 12/29/2012:  05:19:11

Its sad to hear. A big influence and legend. Today Im praying for Mike Auldrigde

Preston Thompson - Posted - 12/29/2012:  05:21:47

Dave in Alabama is right on here. Mike is a gentleman's gentleman. I personally have never met a person such as Mike. Prayers for Mike and his family. Man, I'm about sick. Sad, sad sad. Dave G and Mike. Two fantastic folks.

robbif - Posted - 12/29/2012:  06:53:43

Prayers going up from here. I'm so terribly sorry and have been out of the loop on Mike's condition.

I just finished reading Fred Bartenstein's book of edited interviews with Josh Graves. In the back are tributes from all of the well-known Dobro players, including Mike.

Here's my memory of Mike from Berkshire 1980...


And these recordings from Berkshire 1979...


Edited by - robbif on 12/29/2012 07:07:48

Dean Upson - Posted - 12/29/2012:  07:34:57


From Reso-Guit


I am sorry to report that Mike passed this morning after a decade long battle with cancer. Elise, his wife of over 50 years called me this morning. Both of their girls, Laura, a script supervisor working in Hollywood, and Michelle, a recent Ph.D. graduate, and most recently mother of Norah, are here with Michelle's husband, Brian.

Mike passed peacefully at home with his beloved wife, children and granddaughter by his side.

Arrangements are being made, and will be passed on as soon as they are finalized.

On a personal level, this has been the worst two weeks of my life. The South Mountain Boys (mentioned in the December, 2012 Bluegrass Unlimited article) lost Danny Hayes, our bass player on December 14. Wayne Mason, banjo, a very close friend of Mike's, died about two years ago, and Dave Auldridge died about 5 years ago. Dave and I were buddies at Kensington Junior High, where the infamous Mr. Cross mistreated us. I am the last member of the band that was never famous, never made a recording, only played about 5 paying gigs and lots of free ones. But I must say that I never has so much fun in my life. God I will miss him.


                                                                                                                                         Gene Krouse





banjowes - Posted - 12/29/2012:  08:48:10

Memories are all we have when time dims. Dean you should feel blessed to have the memories that you do have and what you and others have given to the music and the eternal light that keeps it alive. I hope to make music until the end like Mike did. That is all any of us can ask or hope for. RIP to Mike and others who laid the track down for us to enjoy the train ride of notes and melody. God Bless.

andygladish - Posted - 12/29/2012:  09:05:43

Thanks for your generosity, Mike, and for sharing the love.

Now it's time for us to carry it on- never pass up a chance to share your love of music and to reach out a hand to a learning player and help her to the next level. 

I'm sure Mike knew there was always more to learn, lets not let that stop us from sharing what we have!

El Dobro - Posted - 12/29/2012:  09:17:26


otbreso - Posted - 12/29/2012:  13:52:28


Originally posted by andygladish

Now it's time for us to carry it on- never pass up a chance to share your love of music and to reach out a hand to a learning player and help her to the next level. 

I'm sure Mike knew there was always more to learn, lets not let that stop us from sharing what we have!

Very well said. Pass it on!

Rockygap - Posted - 12/29/2012:  19:50:45

Mike has lived a full and influential life to the end. He will continue to warm the hearts of his family and the many, many folks he befriended and inspired. Most of us have little stories, now to be cherished, either from direct experience or those passed on to us by mutual friends. I only met Mike once some thirty years ago, but like Lee, I'll feel a sympathetic little heart tug now every time I play his Spanish Grass. Salute, Mike.

AradoReso - Posted - 12/31/2012:  13:08:13

Hello robbif,

Thank you for sharing the Seldom Scene audio. Mike's expertise and finesse is well evident in these recordings. Until the resurrection or healing comes may the Lord's will be done.

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