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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Weber Resonators

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MitchC - Posted - 08/03/2008:  18:46:31

Anyone ever seen one ? Played one ? I know their mandos etc. are great, but not sure about their resonators...

Edited by - MitchC on 08/03/2008 19:17:30

uncledelphi - Posted - 08/04/2008:  07:06:56

I've played one, and was favourably impressed.

mandocaster - Posted - 08/05/2008:  08:39:13

I have a prototype of the all mahogany model (#8). The fit and finish are spectacular. The construction is unique. (an 8 leged circular soundwell). I have compared mine to a lot of guitars, including Sheerhorns and other ultra high end instruments. I wouldn't trade my Weber for any of those. (well, maybe to sell and then have money for two new Webers!) It is really sweet and strong. It's easy to play and beautiful. Highly recommended!

When I make music, I feel God''s pleasure

MitchC - Posted - 08/05/2008:  12:32:42

Thanks mandocaster !

Not too much spec on these Webers on their website... what cone ? Bone nut ? Body depth ? String height / spacing ? Real frets or markers ? Saddle material ?

You'd think a new introduction to their lineup would warrant a bit more information about the product ?

Nice to hear your review of the proto-type. Thanks !

mandocaster - Posted - 08/06/2008:  13:26:53

They used to have detailed specs on their web site but I see that that page doesn't work now. The cone is custom made for them. It is equal to the best, as far as I can tell. The nut is bone. It has markers, not frets.
the bridge saddle is maple under the unwound strings and ebony under the wound ones. String height and spacing seems pretty average. If you are interested in more detail give them a call. THe people at Weber are the best at customer service I have ever experienced. It is a very high value in their company to relate well to the people they serve.

I have a couple of their mandos with some custom features. They will answer any questions you have and set it up the way you want it.

down in the corner of this page
there are some pics of one in process. You can see the soundwell.

When I make music, I feel God''s pleasure

MitchC - Posted - 08/06/2008:  13:34:49

Thanks again !

Fret MARKERS ? Really ? Why, I wonder.... not that we use them, but they just look me anyway.

Are the Webers R type body or the larger L type ?

Edited by - MitchC on 08/06/2008 14:02:02

biznork - Posted - 08/06/2008:  14:18:55

I've got abalone fret markers on my Meredith. They look better than standard guitar frets, IMHO.

MitchC - Posted - 08/06/2008:  15:11:45

Just used to frets is all. I'm sure the markers look great with nice inlay.

Anyone know what body size these Webers are ?

biznork - Posted - 08/06/2008:  16:59:40

I'm pretty sure they are small body guitars

WRM - Posted - 08/06/2008:  17:43:23

I have curly maple fret markers on mine. Looks good.

Traditional frets look nice, also.

MitchC - Posted - 08/06/2008:  17:44:52


You have a Weber ? Schpill ... what's it like ? Give us a min-review ?

WRM - Posted - 08/07/2008:  02:33:08

No. No Weber.

I was just commenting on the frets. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

harperk31794 - Posted - 08/07/2008:  05:08:01

I played a couple, looked good, played good, sound didn't compare with Beards or Sheerhorns. My basic opinion was, great mid range guitar, I rated them about equal with Wechter's Top End, Beard Gold Tones, Tut Taylors, etc. Much better than Johnsons and Regals but not quite as good as Top End Beards, Sheerhorn's and Custom Reso's. Just my opinion, no soap box.


IFKAD, So Easy a Caveman can do it.

harperk31794 - Posted - 08/07/2008:  05:11:04

By the way the Markers vs Traditional Frets has been done to death, I've played both and really can't tell the difference. W/S Rob Ickes guitars use inlays as well. Matter of preference. One thing to remember is that you are never going to have to have them replaced regardless of which type you get. Squareneck players don't create much fret wear (that's a joke by the way, they actually create none).


IFKAD, So Easy a Caveman can do it.

MitchC - Posted - 08/07/2008:  07:25:34

Appreciate your input Ken. Not sure why I'm so interested in the Weber anyway....Just looks like real nice and was wondering if anyone had any experience with one yet.

Thanks again.

Oh, and I'm not going to fret the frets !

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