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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Webb Straps - User Error?

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ehoatson - Posted - 06/28/2019:  08:41:36

I've been playing with a 2" fabric (non-leather) Webb Strap for nearly 3 years now...

When I first got it, it was almost a perfect fit "out of the box" - no real adjustments needed for sizing. However, there seemed to be a large amount of extra adjustment length that just kind of got in the way in my opinion, just a long piece of strap that flapped around and was annoying when placing my right arm underneath the strap. If anyone owns a Webb they may know what I mean. So, I cut the extra slack so that it wasn't dangling around (I left about 2" of slack but trimmed off nearly a foot from my memory).

The other day, I was playing outside and the strap came apart at this connection. Again, 3 years of use with no problems, and then it seemed to randomly come apart. I wasn't even playing at the time, just standing talking about tunes.

It didn't break, the small amount of slack I left slipped through the loop and my dobro crashed to the ground onto a cinder block fire place. The damage to the dobro could have been a lot worse (just some cosmetic issues fortunately but still makes me sad), but it's a very haunting memory that plays in my head and still makes me cringe.

Was this my fault for trimming the slack? Should I have left that extra slack as a safety net? I'm wondering if slowly over time it was "lengthening" and then one day just didn't have any left so just came apart. Seemed weird to me, and I am now super paranoid about using my other Webb strap that I have on my lap steel where I trimmed off the slack similarly.

I do have a strap lock, which is normally where I would think one would have strap issues.

Any insight from any experts? I always thought Webb to be pretty high quality, and have loved the strap up until it broke.

I need to get a new strap now and am wondering if I should try a different brand, or if I should get a new Webb but not trim it.


DBChimer - Posted - 06/28/2019:  10:05:13

Lesson learned for me. Never trim an interlocked fiber fabric instrument strap.

These might be fine in an original manufactured state but resizing them by cutting is a no-no. You found out the hard way, we found out the easy way through your misfortune.

Seems like you were happy with an original Webb. I'd go back to it if you want to, but first find out from Webb if their dobro straps come in a shorter size.

Or you could elect to go a complete 180 and buy a leather strap instead.

Edited by - DBChimer on 06/28/2019 10:06:36

va picker - Posted - 06/28/2019:  20:12:10

I cut my Webb 2" strap a few years ago but I took a match and fused the cut end so there would be no frayed end. No problem since.

BrianMac - Posted - 07/01/2019:  05:49:54

Makes me cringe thinking about it. I use a Webb strap like yours and have the same extra length. I’ve never cut it but only because I’m lazy.

Also, consider a strap loc is only as strong as the nut over the fabric strap end and you’ll probably consider a drop of loctite there like I did.

ehoatson - Posted - 07/01/2019:  07:08:57

Thanks for the insight!

I will probably get a new Webb strap and not cut the additional length. And good call Brian, I may add some loctite.

Hope no one else makes this same mistake I did!


chuck hall - Posted - 07/01/2019:  08:15:40

Just a thought, did you shorten the neck end of the strap to the shortest length and make up the difference on the other end ? I did this with mine and cut the length of the extra material down to about 9 ". I don't even notice it anymore when i'm wearing it.

Edited by - chuck hall on 07/01/2019 08:21:42

FrederickPatterson - Posted - 12/27/2019:  07:16:29

After I cut mine off I used an old 2" buckle from a pair of overalls to better secure the end. These can be purchased in plastic if you're afraid of scratches.

resoranger - Posted - 12/27/2019:  16:33:58

Bob, I did the same thing you did and the strap still came apart and dropped my guitar. It took several years for it to come apart after I cut and fused the end.  I would secure the end that you cut off some way.

Edited by - resoranger on 12/27/2019 16:38:51

hlpdobro - Posted - 12/28/2019:  07:16:21


Fuse the end and no problem. That's the typical treatment for a nylon web.  I always leave 3-4 inches of slack for the possibility of future weight gain.smiley

Fortunately, I've gone the other way.




Flaps - Posted - 12/29/2020:  21:39:10

I just saved up and got one of those straps. I too cut the end and melted the end. Then COVID hit and I haven't really used it much (Thank God!!). After reading this, I put it on, over my bed, tugged a little and it slipped off the buckle. I can't replace it, but I looked at how the other buckle was permanently attached (Sewed and glued between two thin leather pieces. I'll get it sewed by a leather guy I know. However, I"ll be neurotic about it until I can get a leather one. THANKS AGAIN. I break my resonator I'll have to make my replacement. David

Dogwood - Posted - 01/22/2021:  05:14:17

WOW!! the extra strap issue/mystery is almost solved!! I have not used my strap but 2 or 3 times just to see how it worked, that long extra hanging bit was a mystery. Last night I dug it out and looked it over again, could not see why so much extra strap just dangling, I thought about cutting the extra off but decided to wait and see what others had to say about it, glad I waited.

Ok, I wont cut the extra off, so, what do you do with that long dangling piece of strap? Tie it up, roll it up, someone must know what to do with the extra strap and why is it there, my extra strap is 13 inched long, I am 6 feet tall, what a mystery!! I just folded the extra strap up and secured it with a rubber band for now....really interesting...

Dogwood - Posted - 01/22/2021:  09:15:53

I just emailed the Beard Guitar Tech Dept to see why there is so much extra strap and why they are made this way, there must be a good reason. I'll let you know if I hear back from them.

I found some narrow black velcro strapping to replace my rubber band, which looks better and until I know why reso straps are made this way.

Happy Friday

Dogwood - Posted - 01/22/2021:  11:20:22

Paul Beards Tech Dept responded:

Thank you for contacting us.
The straps are designed to have a large amount of adjustability, hence the length. We do not recommend trimming it.

Best Regards,

Nate Martin
Beard Guitars/Resophonic Outfitters
21736 Leitersburg Pike
Hagerstown MD 21742

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