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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Resonators in Colorado

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Spider14 - Posted - 06/25/2020:  16:02:39

I am shopping for a new squareneck resonator. Can anyone here recommend guitar shops in Colorado that sell high quality resos? I’m thinking genuine Beard, National and the like. Thank you.

resotom - Posted - 06/25/2020:  16:04:58

Steve Winters in Erie Colorado might be able to help.
He is a member here on this web-site .

Dzyfyngrz - Posted - 06/25/2020:  16:11:11

Olde Towne Pickin’ Parlor in Arvada usually has the most interesting selection in Colorado. Haven’t looked recently. Got my Beard R seven string there. Nice folks.

hlpdobro - Posted - 06/25/2020:  16:11:36

From the Beard website:

Old Town Pickin' Parlor
(303) 421-2304

MoReso - Posted - 06/26/2020:  17:39:15

Last time I was by Old Time Pickin Parlor they had a sweetheart of a Decophonic 57. If you like the combination of large body and traditional look, that's it.

MarkinSonoma - Posted - 06/26/2020:  18:01:35

No idea if Pickin' Parlor stays on top of what they show online in a timely fashion, but here is the current resonator page from their website:

Spider14 - Posted - 06/27/2020:  07:42:11

Thank you everybody! I have known about the Pickin' Parlor for a long time. It is a great shop with an excellent staff. I was just curious if there might be another reso-friendly dealer somewhere closer to my home. I'll be making that long drive to Arvada next week.

tomkatb - Posted - 06/27/2020:  08:17:44

Call before you go!

I was in a guitar center last week.

The shelves were bare!

MarkinSonoma - Posted - 06/27/2020:  10:09:28

There is a place in Conifer, Colorado that I have heard of in the past - combination recording studio, getaway with airbnb rentals and apparently some kind of guitar shop. They are a dealer for National Guitars, no idea if they  have any Scheerhorns, or any other squareneck resonators but it would be worth contacting them. 

Shadow Mountain Recording Studio and Conifer Home:

Edited by - MarkinSonoma on 06/27/2020 10:14:33

Spider14 - Posted - 06/27/2020:  20:50:31

Thank you Mark. I am surprised that I have never heard of Resonator I cannot tell from their website if they actually have instruments in stock, but as you posted they are authorized National dealers offering the complete catalog, including Scheerhorn. I live in a remote part of southwestern Colorado and sometimes drive through Conifer on my way to Denver. It is 250 miles from my place, but only 30 miles from the Pickin' Parlor. I will definitely check them both out. Thanks again!

Spider14 - Posted - 08/03/2020:  00:30:44

Just back from Denver. While I was there, I stopped by the Old Towne Pickin' Parlor in Arvada. They had a mint 2019 Beard MA-6 on consignment. I bought it and it is even better than I realized in the shop, amazing really. 71 years old and I am totally stoked.

MarkinSonoma - Posted - 08/03/2020:  09:22:13

Wow - that sure worked out for you. Congratulations!

But we need pictures or it didn't  happen. 

I used to travel a lot for work and I usually would bring along a zip-up pouch with a bar and picks in case I came across a music store and there might be something cool in stock that I couldn't resist. 

It was extremely rare that I can across anything in the steel guitar family of instruments that I couldn't pass up. 


Spider14 - Posted - 08/13/2020:  20:32:09

Thanks Mark.
Like you, I have managed to resist quite a few great instruments in my time, but as soon as I played this MA-6 any resistance I may have had completely evaporated. I've been playing my Beard Vintage R for a long time and am still very happy with it, but for the past few years I've been looking for a second instrument with a different sound that I could keep in a different tuning.
I know it would have been more cost effective to install a Doubleshot tailpiece, but for me, it was time for a new sound and the MA-6 has that in spades.
I've never attached a photo to a post before, but here goes...

P2gee - Posted - 08/14/2020:  06:26:55


Originally posted by Spider14

Thanks Mark.

I've never attached a photo to a post before, but here goes...


I'm in  love.             Congrats


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