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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: advice needed on inexensive roundneck

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bluetele - Posted - 07/06/2020:  07:18:11

I am trying to find a round neck resonator well under $1000. Wood or metal. All the ones I have seen online ship with light strings and I want one that will handle regular size resonator strings like D'Addario EJ42.

Thanks for any suggestions

MarkinSonoma - Posted - 07/06/2020:  09:46:26

What tunings are you interested in playing? The actual string set is not as important. as the overall tension on the neck from the tuning. 

I don't think any guitar builder or importer would ever claim that you can put on  any gauges of strings in almost any tuning and they would guarantee that their  round neck would never have a problem with damage. 


kimmattis123 - Posted - 07/06/2020:  12:07:23

I've played a Washburn reso [ I dont know IF they still make one] and a Gretsch- both were pretty good and under $1k- With any reso its the CONE and metal-REMEMBER there are 2 different systems with round necks-- Spider cone style [Dobro] and Biscuit cone style [National]--The DO sound different- so you have to choose which style of guitar you want and what you want to play.

bluetele - Posted - 07/06/2020:  13:06:30

I am interested in playing in G and D tunings. And want a biscuit cone. Just trying to avoid the cost of a National. That is what I played about 5 years ago and really want to get back into it since I have retired.

Thanks and please kepp the replies coming as I do my "homework"

Wildeman - Posted - 07/06/2020:  14:32:57

Under 1000 biscuit reso, Republic. I run regular medium acoustic strings for those tunings no problem.

bluetele - Posted - 07/06/2020:  15:18:16

Checked out the Republics, and I am very impressed. Very much like a National. Keep suggestions coming and I will continue to do my homework.

bluetele - Posted - 07/06/2020:  16:07:52

Thanks for replies. Its going to be National for me.

MarkinSonoma - Posted - 07/08/2020:  23:14:05

Good move on getting a National. I was given a great tour of the operation in San Luis Obispo a couple years ago and was highly impressed.

 So the G tuning you would be using would be "low bass" DGDGBD as opposed to squareneck dobro "high bass" GBDGBD. 

No problem on a roundneck of pretty much any kind, resonator or flattop using low bass G. 

To use one example, low bass G is probably the most popular tuning among Hawaiian slack key players on standard flattop guitars.  

But do you intend to fret the guitar along with playing bottleneck slide? Particularly if the guitar has a little higher action than normal which makes for good slide playing, the .016 1st string in the pack of EJ-42s  - pushing that down to the fretboard  with your index finger will get old pretty quickly. 

Wildeman wrote above that he uses mediums on his Republic. That's what National typically strings up their guitars with, .013 - .056





Edited by - MarkinSonoma on 07/08/2020 23:25:55

bluetele - Posted - 07/15/2020:  14:35:27

Found out daughter has colon cancer and I will be paying some bills. No National now. Thinking about Epiphone hound dog. Anyone know if they are decent . They ship with 12s and I want 13s. Need this to take my mind off things.



bluetele - Posted - 07/17/2020:  05:38:26

Found Republic wood body 12 fret which I prefer on Reverb for less then Hound dog. Thanks for all your help. And a biscuit bridge which I prefer as a blues player.


aljohns - Posted - 07/27/2020:  12:06:52

am sorry to read about your daughter , best with your new republic


bluetele - Posted - 07/28/2020:  17:55:52

New republic is great. And last two days good with daughter. Played all day electrics acoustics but most of all Republic Resonator. Very National like. Thanks all and to you Al Johns from Belgium. Gotta love the blues...there when you need them.


MarkinSonoma - Posted - 07/28/2020:  23:05:13

I'm glad to hear that things are better with your daughter. I hope they caught the cancer in the early  stages. 

And we still haven't seen any pictures the new guitar...

bluetele - Posted - 07/31/2020:  07:37:25

Thanks for kind words but it is in late stages with complication of 2 stomas. Yes I had a career in healthcare and know too much for my own good. First song I played was Clapton's take of Walking Blues. Steal from the best and play it your way. Just my 2 cents and that is all its worth Money had nothing to do with selling guitars (until now for my daughter) I had the privilege to own over the years, but Republic is a player and I am grateful for steering me to Republic. You all are a great bunch of players. If I sound Bi Polar its because I am. At least schizophrenia went away.

bluetele - Posted - 08/02/2020:  02:37:16

Bought tele with single coil in neck and blade in rear from brother for $145. Its in shop getting setup and general clean up of brother's work over the years for slide but told tech might have an open G Keef attack!. Same day best friend sole me first Blackstar 5 watt they came out in mint condition, so I still haven't played them. Yeah, I know wrong Forum. Sorry. Coffee time!!!

wlgiii - Posted - 08/02/2020:  16:56:22

I alternate among Tele and resos, so the post works for me. And speaking of Keef, for all you open G roundneckers, if you haven't done so, try it without the 6th string- there are some cool undertones. (Alas, as a duo sans bass, we need those low notes so all 6 strings are on the guitars.)

bluetele - Posted - 08/02/2020:  20:07:36

What a great and understanding forum. I like it here. Much more tolerant than Martin Forum(but I like it too).

bluetele - Posted - 08/04/2020:  18:52:04

Hadnt tried Keef without E string. Its time!

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