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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: What’s A Good Humidifier

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RezBluez - Posted - 09/08/2020:  20:13:57

I thought with the cold season coming, well coming for me anyways. That it might be a good time to discuss what you all find to be the best humidifier for a reso guitar. We don’t have a sound hole like in a standard guitar, so do you just use a case humidifier, or do you mod the sound hole ones. Do you really need a hydrometer or is just keeping lots of water in the humidifier good enough. Cheers!

Edit: For what it's worth I did do a search on here about it, surprisingly there wasn't a whole lot about it, a little bit. There was a real interesting post that this Grizz fellow wrote, it was quite informing. But there was not much on rigging up one in the sound holes of reso's. 

Edited by - RezBluez on 09/10/2020 18:16:52

FrederickPatterson - Posted - 09/11/2020:  14:37:00

I use Oasis case humidifiers. Their sound hole humidifier might fit in one of the sound rings but I've never tried that.

RezBluez - Posted - 09/11/2020:  20:47:47

Thanks for the reply Frederick.
Does the case humidifier, humidify all the way to the body of the reso. It just don’t seem like there’s enough space for it to get to the body, if it’s up at the headstock?

FrederickPatterson - Posted - 09/15/2020:  09:33:16

I had never thought of it but on the Oasis web site it says just that.....

MarkinSonoma - Posted - 09/15/2020:  11:22:21

If you have screenless rings, wouldn't the  Oasis just drop into one of the holes? 

I haven't checked the dimensions,  but from the photos it doesn't appear to be very wide. 

RezBluez - Posted - 09/18/2020:  05:04:52

Mark Oasis does drop in the sound hole, but you can’t use the little rubber stop that comes with it. I just tied a short string on it and tied it to the strings. It fit nicely between the baffle and body. Seems to be doing the job. Thanks

Tom Servo - Posted - 12/10/2020:  21:23:56

For my cases, I have bought the D’Addario Humidpak system. There are two pouches - one has two pockets that can be hung over the strings and into the sound hole of a dreadnaught guitar (more on how I use this with my resos) and the other is a pouch with one pocket meant to be kept under the headstock. There are humidpaks that go into the pouches and they either add moisture or remove moisture - depending upon what’s needed. They work to keep the guitar between 40-55% humidity. Boveda also makes the same system and, in fact, I think the humidpaks are made by the same company. I take the pouch with two pockets and I tuck one pocket into a sound hole on the dobro and then I lay the other pocket over the other sound hole. For the resos I have that have screened rings, I just lay the pouches over both sound holes. I have oasis hygrometers in my cases and these humidpaks always keep my guitars at about 50% humidity. They can last anywhere from 3 to 6 months depending on how much moisture they release or absorb.

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