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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: 2018 Beard Vintage R?

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Brett Hansen - Posted - 02/14/2021:  11:37:59

Beginner looking for my first square neck, spider cone reso for bluegrass and country. Would a 2018 Beard Vintage r be a good one to start with? One is for sale locally for $1750

Bob Blair - Posted - 02/14/2021:  12:20:03

Very fine guitars.

Brett Hansen - Posted - 02/14/2021:  13:19:28

The seller is firm at $1750 and says it's mint. There are no screens installed on this that an issue? Is that a good price? There are some Beard Decophonics on Reverb for a few hundred dollars more, would that be an upgrade from the vintage r worth the extra money?

kevin t - Posted - 02/14/2021:  14:53:11

They're all very nice! If it were me, I'd get a deco model 27. New it's 1600 with a warranty. The Deco line is very good!

hlpdobro - Posted - 02/14/2021:  15:24:20

The Vintage R will (theoretically) have a bigger "voice" because of a deeper body. It's bass response should be bigger as well.

The Deco's are great. Skinnier guitars based on a pre war design.

Both are pro quality instruments. Different voices.

Good luck


Edited by - hlpdobro on 02/14/2021 15:24:36

cc7 - Posted - 02/14/2021:  16:00:48

According to Beard, Deco 27 going up to 1800 and none available now at 16...I got the last one.
I would grab the Vintage R.

Bob Blair - Posted - 02/14/2021:  16:25:39

PS - screens aren't much of an issue. Lots of folks take them out. If you decided you wanted some you could probably order them from Beard.

MarkinSonoma - Posted - 02/14/2021:  16:40:05

If the Vintage R is truly mint, $1750 is a pretty good deal. This model goes new for $2200-$2300.

I like the Deco-Phonic line, but aesthetically they are understated and on the austere side. Not a thing wrong with that, but I think Paul upped his game on the Vintage R  when it comes to looks in recent years. 

I think I would be more stoked to grab it out of the case  and play it in comparison to the Deco-Phonic Model 27 and 37.  There's something  to be said for that. 


LukeL - Posted - 02/15/2021:  06:05:47

I’d get that vintage R. That’s a good deal. The only Deco that would be significantly deeper sounding would be the 57… I wouldn’t choose a 27 over an R. Great instrument to start on though- should last you forever.

Andy B - Posted - 02/17/2021:  10:41:29

I have a 2018 Beard Vintage R. It’s a fine sounding guitar, loud with a lot of separation between the notes. It’s made of birch laminate and has a sound well, like the old ones, although the sound well has a bigger opening facing the front than the old ones did. The fit and finish are very, very clean. To my ear, it nicely captures the sound of the best of the old ones. I haven’t played any of the Deco series but have heard very good things about them. There is not a wrong choice here.

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