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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Wood and the Sound of a Reso

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HighLonesomeF5 - Posted - 03/08/2021:  04:45:54

Does the wood that a reso is made from make that big a difference? The Mike A is made from plywood after all..

Jim McNab - Posted - 03/08/2021:  07:13:29

I have found that it makes a big difference if it is a solid wood guitar with modern internals such as tone posts, baffle, no soundwell, etc. I can definitely tell the difference between my mahogany/spruce and my maple - for example. With laminated guitars, it may not make as much difference. Check out the Beard guitars website and you can hear the differences between the Deco series of guitars, which are made more as a nod to original Dobros versus the Josh Swift or the Jerry Douglas Blackbeard. The great thing about the videos on Paul’s site is that they are all recorded on the same day with the same player, Mike Witcher, the same mic and the same song!

2BUCKS - Posted - 03/08/2021:  07:20:17

In cost? Yes. In tone? Not much.

hlpdobro - Posted - 03/08/2021:  08:00:43

Everything makes a difference. It may be subtle but the differences are there for anyone that can hear the nuances.

That's why artists play specific guitars.

Mike got his sound with Finland Birch laminate. Jerry got his sound with mahogany and his "Earls" guitar is laminate. Josh got his attack with maple..and the list goes on.


resotom - Posted - 03/08/2021:  08:22:27

Bottom line: The sound is in the ear of the beholder.

Three_Eyed_Willy - Posted - 03/08/2021:  15:34:30

Ninety percent of the sound of a dobro is attributable to the nut that holds the picks.

hlpdobro - Posted - 03/08/2021:  16:01:25

Yes..But, the other 10% is VERY important to some.


Colin Irvine - Posted - 03/08/2021:  17:04:52

For some reason I feel like players who really dig in when they pick seem to accentuate the tonal differences in guitars more than if you have a more mellow playing style. I could be out in left field with that theory though

Oboe Cadobro - Posted - 03/11/2021:  12:56:58


Originally posted by Three_Eyed_Willy

Ninety percent of the sound of a dobro is attributable to the nut that holds the picks.


Originally posted by hlpdobro

Yes..But, the other 10% is VERY important to some.

According to a statistic, 73.6% of all statistics are made up, therefore it’s likely that this statistic is made up and therefore all statistics are statistically made up. devil

Three_Eyed_Willy - Posted - 03/11/2021:  15:16:18

I know. I made that one up 20 years ago.

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