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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Case for a '34 Regal Squareneck

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mhackney - Posted - 06/22/2021:  06:09:18

I recently had the good fortune of finding a Model 45 in amazing shape. It came in the original purple lining Geib & Schaffer case which can be preserved but not something I want to tote the guitar around in. I've searched here and on the Web to find options for a case but they are all really way to large and the instrument would swim inside it or the vendor doesn't list dimensions. Here are the primary dimensions on this instrument:

  • upper bout: 10.5"

  • waist: 9"

  • lower bout: 14.25"

  • body depth to top of stings: 5"

  • body length: 19.25"

  • overall length: 38.5"




Wildeman - Posted - 06/23/2021:  08:48:12

OMI Dobros are modern and common, also Beard makes a traditional sized Dobro. OMI is out of business afaik but it should be easy to find a case, Beard is still in business and you can contact them easily.

rexhunt - Posted - 06/23/2021:  10:11:32

I recently bought a Beard Deco-phonic 27 that came in a TKL case. My mid to late 30s style 37 fits in it quite well too. I believe the TKL number for the case is TKL 8801/LTD.  Here is a link to the TKL site TKL Resonator Guitar Cases

Congrats on the find.


Edited by - rexhunt on 06/23/2021 10:12:48

mhackney - Posted - 07/14/2021:  12:58:43

I purchased the tweed TKL case that Tom Servo listed in the Marketplace. It is almost a perfect fit and the case goes well with my guitar I think.

rexhunt - Posted - 07/15/2021:  07:39:45


Originally posted by mhackney

I purchased the tweed TKL case that Tom Servo listed in the Marketplace. It is almost a perfect fit and the case goes well with my guitar I think.

That is exactly the case I keep my mid-thirties 37 in. Have had it for a long time and it's holding up quite well.


Kilocycle Cowboy - Posted - 07/15/2021:  08:52:55

I have a Weber case for my tricone which works well and it has pretty much those dimensions. I got it off ebay.

gregulator450 - Posted - 07/28/2021:  11:47:05

New member and first-time poster. So glad I found this forum and thread. I bought my first reso in May, a beginner Oscar Schmidt squareneck off CL. I have been using my acoustic gig bag to haul it to jam nights, but haven't had the least idea where to find a hard case or semi-hard bag that fits a square neck. I like the idea of a hard case so I can keep my finger picks and slide bars with the guitar, without having them sliding around in a soft bag front pocket where they could cause damage.

Off topic, but am I the only guy to find that slide bars are a dangerous rabbit hole to go down?  laugh

Terry Harris - Posted - 07/28/2021:  12:48:46

Greg, welcome to the ResoHangout and the rabbit hole!

The bars are just the start! Then you have the capos , the finger picks and the strings to obsess over. Most folks that have been playing a while have drawers full of this stuff.

Edited by - Terry Harris on 07/28/2021 12:50:02

wlgiii - Posted - 07/28/2021:  15:54:31

Alternate tunings for lap style are the real rabbit hole. One doesn't play in a couple of tunings; it's either one or infinity.

Biggfoot44 - Posted - 08/03/2021:  16:25:49

I must be weird .

One set of finger picks given by a member here that actually fit .

Started with Stevens tonebar . Was happy , until aquired an SP-2 unknowingly , liked it even better . The only thing I would change is just like it , but waaay longer . But I know better , no market demand for gorilla length fingers .

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