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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Capo preferecne

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Hacker49 - Posted - 07/09/2021:  19:04:01

Which capo is preferred based on tone ? I have been using a Beard, but I perceive a tone/volume loss. Thanks

SlimPickins - Posted - 07/09/2021:  19:19:17

There are a lot of different options and preferences out there, but for the most part, I think that you’ll find the Charlie’s Slide Pro Capo and the Bradley capo will typically come out on top. I have both and they are both fantastic.

Dzyfyngrz - Posted - 07/09/2021:  21:25:04

The Beard Wave capo is another worthy contender. The original Beard was pretty worthless.

Bigred - Posted - 07/10/2021:  06:06:16

I used a Leno for years until someone recommended trying a Charlie's... it's wonderful and the best yet for me.

badger - Posted - 07/10/2021:  06:44:32

+1 for Charlie's/Bradley. The Charlie's gives marginally better tone than the Bradley, but, for me, the Bradley's more comfortable and compact. Probably just a matter of habit, and I'm sure I'll get used to the Charlie's in time.

BrianMac - Posted - 07/10/2021:  16:42:08

+ 1 for Charlie's capo for tone and convenience.

Andy B - Posted - 07/10/2021:  18:48:39

I like both the Slide Pro and the Walworth for ease of use and tone. The Slide Pro is in my opinion the easiest to use of the many capos I have tried.

LukeL - Posted - 07/12/2021:  07:19:09

I have tried everything, but the Charlie’s and the Bradley have the best tone for sure. The Bradley is a little quicker to install and more comfortable to work around but I mostly use the Charlie’s because it gets much tighter and stays in place better.

Kilocycle Cowboy - Posted - 07/12/2021:  12:38:32

I just got a Lapro Squareneck capo from ebay. I'd never heard of it and just kind of stumbled onto it. It's basically a small block of wood that wedges between the fret board and the strings. On the fret board side it's padded and on the top it has basically a fret that the strings rest against and another thin piece of wood locked down across the strings with a set screw like any other capo. It fits a bit too tight so I'm going to have to shave it down a tad, and it's kind of bulky to work with, but it gives my tricone a really, really nice ring. I can't say I'll use it all the time because of the bulk factor, but it sure does sound nice!

Dobro60 - Posted - 07/12/2021:  20:57:01

Charlie capo by far.

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