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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Anyone Have Any Experience with Beard Customer Service?

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nkjanssen - Posted - 07/21/2021:  07:29:06

I bought a brand new R Model last year through my local dealer. Unfortunately my dealer didn't have any in stock, so I had to order one. Even more unfortunately, it had an issue when it arrived. I've been working with the dealer to get it dealt with. No complaints about my dealer at all, but we've been getting the brush-off from Beard for over six months now. Is this unusual or typical for them?

hlpdobro - Posted - 07/21/2021:  08:04:55

A disconnect somewhere. Beard response is typically stellar. Why not call direct for the rest of the story?


LukeL - Posted - 07/21/2021:  08:10:58

I've had only great experiences working with Beard, online, in person, and over the phone. I second what Howard said- give them a call.

FrederickPatterson - Posted - 07/21/2021:  09:16:34

+1. Great communication.

Bigred - Posted - 07/21/2021:  09:24:16

My experience is Beard is the best of the best in every way.

Andy B - Posted - 07/21/2021:  12:54:20

I have had great experiences dealing directly with the folks at the Beard shop. They were very helpful and responsive.

nkjanssen - Posted - 07/21/2021:  15:14:27

There have been many e-mails and phone calls. They respond, but it's mostly along the lines of "Sorry, haven't had a chance to look at it yet. Will get to it very soon." After several months of back-and-forth without being able to resolve the issue, the guitar was eventually shipped back to them. They've had it for a couple of months now. I'm starting to get discouraged. It's a bit of comfort, I suppose, that this seems to be an anomaly. If the universal response was "Yah, their customer service sucks", I'd be more worried. Still.

gzerninplatz - Posted - 07/21/2021:  18:38:51

From my interactions with them (I was actually able to have a conversation with Paul around October of last year), they seem to be dramatically overloaded - while in covid lockdown, everyone bought a new reso, and Beard was short-staffed and even mostly shut down some of the time. Plus introducing a couple of new instruments...
So I suspect you've hit the perfect storm of them being temporarily unable to respond..try email to Denny with your seems to be the most responsive (he's in customer relationship, not actually making guitars)

hlpdobro - Posted - 07/22/2021:  07:36:20

If you're not DIRECTLY involved with the communication, you should be.


MarkinSonoma - Posted - 07/22/2021:  18:12:04

Seems to me from his last post that he has in fact been in direct communication with them. 

Opal Instruments - Posted - 07/22/2021:  22:12:37

I am a manufacturer (not of resos) and I have all the same reasons for delays (closed for covid etc.) and I would never not immediately replace a product that was sent out defective. There is no excuse for this kind of delay. In my business if a product is sent out defective we replace it with a new product and we then fix and resell the original as refurbished or 'B' stock.

From your post it has been over 6 months. You are being too patient. I would ask for my dealer for my money back.

nkjanssen - Posted - 07/23/2021:  09:36:19

Thanks guys. Yes, I was initially in direct communication. We went through a lot of trouble-shooting and trying to fix things over the phone. My dealer basically took over after I couldn't get things resolved. They worked with Beard on some possible fixes, but those didn't work. The dealer handled sending it back to the shop and that sort of thing. I'm in Canada, so there's additional paperwork to ship an item back for repair to ensure import taxes aren't paid twice. I'm glad to have my dealer handle all that (really one of the benefits of buying through a reputable brick-and-mortar shop).

In any event, I do understand that this past year has been unusual to say the least and many small businesses are struggling. The lead time for the order was quite long. From the time I *ordered* until now has been 13 months. Of course, the first 7 of those, I fully understood and accepted when I ordered. Not holding that against Beard at all. But, still, I look back and it's been 13 months since ordering, and 6 months since paying, and I don't have a playable instrument yet. Ugh!!!

It would probably be simpler if I wanted my money back, but I actually don't. I love Beard's instruments. All I want is an R Model that looks, sounds and plays like a dream!

mhackney - Posted - 07/23/2021:  09:58:24

Well, get your money back and buy another one if they won't make good on the one you bought originally. I also run a manufacturing business (not music related) and like Scott, I replace defective products no questions asked. Why should a customer have to wait extra time while I resolve the issue? 6 months is horrendous in my opinion.

Tom Jr. - Posted - 07/23/2021:  10:42:10

I have never known a better company than Beard. Superb in every way from quality of instruments to just being great human beings. I'm certain your experience is unusual in the extreme.

nkjanssen - Posted - 07/23/2021:  13:23:18

I don't know if it's a coincidence, but I just had a very nice call from Paul Beard. Seems like a very genuine, super nice guy. He was extremely apologetic. As expected, they've been completely swamped by demand *and* have had some staffing issues related to the pandemic... a bad combination. In any event, the repair and setup is complete. He handled it personally. And my guitar will be back on its way to me by Monday. I'm pretty psyched about that and certainly harbor no bad feelings towards the company despite the delay. Can't wait to get sliding again!

stephenandkindra - Posted - 07/25/2021:  07:43:05

I just saw this thread. I knew it was not a typical situation for them. I’m glad it all worked out. Paul is probably the nicest business man you’ll ever deal with. Beard LLC is a complicated outfit but Paul makes all of us feel like we’re his only customer.

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