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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Tricone failure - impact or tension?

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JC Dobro - Posted - 08/11/2021:  09:15:56

I moved recently and had to ship several guitars with the movers…couldn’t hand carry them all with me.

The National Tricone was just unpacked after 5 months in storage.

As you can see, the cone on the treble side was crushed. No other damage evident.

I’m out $140 for the replacement set from National. Unfortunate but not the end of the world.

Do you think this is an impact crush, or a cone failure due to string tension or some other reason? I use Open D with a .016-.056 set and never had any issues with leaving square necks at pitch. (It’s already tuned down from standard Dobro GBDGBD tuning…)

Any thoughts for the sake of future learning?

I would have thought that any impact to the bridge area would likely damage more than just the one cone. These are delicate cones.

Thanks for any thoughts.

hlpdobro - Posted - 08/11/2021:  09:35:35

impact. especially if the guitar was shipped "at pitch" and no other damage noted.

Also, when I was shipping guitars out of the Beard shop there were a cardboard spacer placed under the strings but over the top to help prevent downward shocks from doing things like this.


Edited by - hlpdobro on 08/11/2021 09:44:58

JC Dobro - Posted - 08/11/2021:  10:11:06

OK thanks Howard. I had a TON of padding and protection, surrounding the guitar inside its case, and also surrounding the case inside the oversized packing box. But no cardboard spacers under the strings. Live and learn.

hlpdobro - Posted - 08/11/2021:  10:47:44

It's never 100% guaranteed. Stuff happens.

JC Dobro - Posted - 08/16/2021:  16:44:40

That crushed cone was a blessing in disguise.

Popped in my new set of National “Hot Rod” cones today. Paired with a fresh set of strings…wow! Big improvement in overall clarity and volume. Bass response much better. Like playing a new guitar.

It had been 9 years on the originals. As others have noted many times, you don’t realize it until you change out the cone(s).

Wildeman - Posted - 08/16/2021:  17:34:45

Terrible! I'd hate that man. At least it wasn't a wood guitar, I've seen them turned into kindling.

little ray - Posted - 08/23/2022:  00:20:21

I saw a delivery driver toss a vintage dobro in my front yard. She was mad with her job. Thankfully the guitar was saved because of its case and packing.

tony boadle - Posted - 11/04/2022:  11:19:59

I shipped a very well packed Recording King RM 991 from Ireland to the Netherlands with GLS. It arrived with the neck snapped where it meets the body.

The outer carton showed no sign of serious damage, just scuff marks around the middle, it must have suffered a sharp severe impact somewhere on the journey, almost like someone stamped on it?

I paid extra for full insurance cover, six weeks after submitting the claim, I'm still chasing them weekly for a response.

Edited by - tony boadle on 11/04/2022 11:22:26

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