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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Need a strap for mw new dobro

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psikes - Posted - 08/28/2021:  10:31:20

I have always been a fan of the Lakota Leathers straps but have been seriously looking at the Franklin or the Webb strap to gain the quick disconnect feature. On the other hand, the quick disconnect scares the daylights out of me with a new high end dobro attached to it. Any reports on the Franklin or other straps with quick disconnects? Horror stories?

Thanks, Phil

Edited by - psikes on 08/28/2021 11:22:07

SlimPickins - Posted - 08/28/2021:  21:38:26

I have happily used Poff, Martin Gross, and Webb straps for years with no quick-connect buckle issues. They have held strong and I hope that it continues that way. I have never tried a Franklin, but they seem really nice and sturdy and I know several other players that love them. Hard to beat that quality for the price.

If you are really nervous about the plastic buckles, I highly recommend Harrison straps from Ronnie Harrison. He made me a new leather dobro strap for my one guitar and it is fantastic. A single metal buckle for adjustment and a sturdy leather loop that tightens around the headstock.

cc7 - Posted - 08/29/2021:  05:49:09

The Lakota buffalo hide is the nicest strap material I have ever used. Purchase supports a good cause as well. Win-win!

Andy B - Posted - 08/29/2021:  05:51:24

I have used Webb straps on my resos exclusively since the late 1990s with no problems. I leave them attached at the headstock all the time and just roll them up and put them in the case under the headstock when I am finished playing. They are my favorite reso strap and are very convenient to use.

badger - Posted - 08/29/2021:  06:50:14

I've used a Poff strap for fifteen years or so - incredibly comfortable, beautifully designed, and an absolute pleasure to wear. The buckle has been trouble-free (I notice that ITW, the buckle source, offers a lot of military-spec buckles, so I have the sense that they know what they're doing) - I do make a point of giving it a solid tug every time I reconnect it just to make sure. Replace your strap button with a Schaller strap lock assembly - quick, fool-proof, absolutely secure.

psikes - Posted - 08/29/2021:  09:14:07

Thanks for all of the info. I love my Lakota Leathers straps and have them on my banjo's, guitars and one dobro. They are very comfortable but I find the one on my dobro does tend to stretch a bit when standing and playing. I'm not even sure the Poff straps are available right now so that is not a good option at the moment. If I could find a used one I would be all over it. The Webb straps sound great but they sure are not very attractive looking. It would be pretty apropos to have one on my new Beard though. So far the Franklin is in the lead. The Beard does come with a Schaller strap lock already installed and I have them on all of my guitars.

Thanks again for all of the replies, Phil

LukeL - Posted - 08/29/2021:  19:22:04

I've used Poff and Webb straps and liked them both. I use Lakota cradle straps on all three of my banjos and have no complaints about them either, although I've never tried a Lakota reso strap. I'm sure they're great. That strap lock is important!


psikes - Posted - 08/29/2021:  21:10:37

For sure on the strap lock Luke. I have them on every instrument with a strap button. I also love the Lakota straps on my banjos and guitars. On my Reed dobro I just feel a little give in the strap sometimes. Comfortable as all get out though.

Martinipen - Posted - 08/30/2021:  06:13:01

I love my Lakota Leathers strap, and have another one on order for my new RK Phil Leadbetter signature. The wonderful "fresh leather" smell alone is worth the price!!

Go support these folks, check out their website, and buy another strap. You know you won't be disappointed.


therake - Posted - 09/01/2021:  08:23:06

Poff straps are great,I have one,but pricey.
I have a gently used Webb strap if interested?

psikes - Posted - 09/02/2021:  18:07:59

Finally located a Poff and could not be happier. Thanks for all of the input and help.

gzerninplatz - Posted - 09/03/2021:  18:59:38


Originally posted by therake

Poff straps are great,I have one,but pricey.

I have a gently used Webb strap if interested?

I'm interested in the Webb...what would you be asking for it, shipped to Oregon?  And is it a 3" model (that's what I want)?

Thanks,  Steve  978-387-4184

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