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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: amplification

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Bob78 - Posted - 08/30/2021:  13:34:56

I am looking for information to amplify my beard 37 for gigs.
I just can't hear my reso when we entertain Usually for the legions in the area.
I have searched this site for info but there is so much that my head is spinning
I have been looking at fishman brand equipment but it is much to expensive to be making mistakes.
I really trust this forum and will probably follow any info offered.
By the way, there is quite a bit of used fishman equipment in the area
so this may be the way to go.
Also, I have a fender acoustasonic 40 amp that I could use if that would be better
choice than connecting to the equipment the guys provide.
As usual, thank you for any help offered, bob

hlpdobro - Posted - 08/30/2021:  14:40:48

This video may be useful

Amplifying the spider bridge resonator guitar.





MarkinSonoma - Posted - 08/30/2021:  14:50:25

Bob, when this question comes up here or another online site like the Dobroholics page on Facebook, probably 90% of the time the person asking the question leaves out their typical playing scenario.

You wrote that you can't hear yourself. What is the typical makeup of the group you play with? All acoustic similar to a bluegrass band? Mixed acoustic/electric maybe with a drummer - electric guitar - electric bass - amplified keyboard? 

Do you currently play into a microphone or are you going full acoustic?

If it's mixed acoustic/electric and it gets loud you might run into problems with systems like mini-mics that mount on the guitar - which will be some of the inevitable recommendations as this thread progresses. 

Need more info - it might be a little like going on to an auto forum and asking for  suggestions on buying a new vehicle but not letting the members know what specific specific requirements you have in mind. Sedan? SUV? Pickup truck? Need 4 wheel drive?

Edited by - MarkinSonoma on 08/30/2021 15:04:56

MarkinSonoma - Posted - 08/30/2021:  14:58:16

...I see Howard posted while I was working on my longish post above. Howard did a great job on his his video and it is well worth watching.

But it's pretty much pro level stuff, I think many of us here have setups that are in the same ballpark as Howard -  but it's a fairly serious financial commitment and requires some effort to put it all together. So it sort of depends how far you're willing to dive into the deep end to make it all happen. 

Edited by - MarkinSonoma on 08/30/2021 15:00:10

hlpdobro - Posted - 08/30/2021:  18:20:09

I think that Mark's first post is spot on.

One of the first things I cover in the video says something like "if your reason for (non-mic) amplification is I can't be heard over my acoustic bandmates...that's not the reason for jumping into this hole"

Simply, without our understanding of what your typical gig situation is, it's nigh impossible to offer an informed opinion.

Lot's of reasons to "plug in".

You have not offered one up yet.


Bob78 - Posted - 08/31/2021:  13:07:31

the bunch I play with are all volunteeers. some bad, some not to bad and all of are just having fun. We get mostly standard guitar players. and some electric. Sometimes electric drums. I am the only reso guy changed from a keyboard
Our type of music is a mix of western and bluegrass.
It is a very mixed bunch of guys and at times some have to sit it out because of lack of experience.

After watching Howards video I have decided to just leave well enough alone.
Thank you for the very informative video Howard. I can just imagine the work
that went into it.
Also, thank you Mark, you always step up when questions are asked.
Guys like you and Howard are a great asset to the forum and are appreciated.
I have just turned 80 and whatever time is left I intend to just enjoy it playing whatever hits my fancy.
Take care & happy playing, drop a line sometime, bob

hlpdobro - Posted - 08/31/2021:  13:14:53

You are more than welcome!

In this case the answer is to tell these guys "HEY, I'm taking my solo. Play quietly".

It's the least expensive solution. ;-)


Lounge Primate - Posted - 08/31/2021:  21:57:10


In this case the answer is to tell these guys "HEY, I'm taking my solo. Play quietly".

It's the least expensive solution. ;-)

Quite possibly my favorite dobro forum quote of the year !   ;-)

Edited by - Lounge Primate on 08/31/2021 21:57:45

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