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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Case recommendation for a Republic Tricone

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swampyankee - Posted - 12/22/2021:  07:05:06

I bought a Republic 12 fret Tricone several years ago, which came in the Duralite case/bag that Frank was supplying at the time. I lost the case due to an unfortunate accident involving a sewage backup and I've been storing the guitar in a case I have for one of my dreadnoughts but I really would like a case that fits properly.
I don't need a Calton or anything high-end, but I would like something that would protect the bridge so an archtop case would be nice. I also worry about denting the bell brass body or crushing the arched back.
Any recommendations for a case that would fit the guitar snugly and offer proper protection?

daver - Posted - 12/22/2021:  08:51:06

I don't believe there's such a thing as a "fortunate" accident involving a sewage backup. You have my sympathy!

I had a Travelite case for a former 12 fret (squareneck) reso. It was lightweight and sturdy, with hard arched top and thick foam padding. The outside is nylon like a gig bag; nonetheless it was a substantial case that held up to my use/abuse. I wouldn't put it up against a Calton, but it holds its own compared to most hard shell wood cases. YMMV, but here's the link to check it out:

Brad Bechtel - Posted - 12/22/2021:  16:37:18

I'd second the recommendation for the Travelite TL-60 case.

swampyankee - Posted - 12/23/2021:  05:41:29

Thanx for the recommendation. I was hoping for a hardshell case but the Travelite might be the one.

Others I'm looking at include a Guardian CG044-00 , a Canadian brand I can only find in France Eui Boblen 00 ,and another a bit questionable brand Weber on eBay which I like the extra padding in. All of these fit the dimensions within 1/2" or so on the plus side.

MarkinSonoma - Posted - 12/23/2021:  14:14:01

I was at Rob Ickes' ResoSummit in Nashville in 2010. One afternoon I left my Clinesmith with Tim Scheerhorn so he could install one of his cones and tweak the setup.

He loaned me one of his personal guitars to use for afternoon classes. It was an exquisite Scheerhorn koa, valued at thousands of dollars (it killed me to have to give it back). 

It was housed in a Travelite case. 'Nuff said! 

gzerninplatz - Posted - 12/23/2021:  14:27:30

National sells cases for their squareneck resos, if yours is the classic size and shape...

swampyankee - Posted - 12/27/2021:  11:03:24

So I was looking at my shortlist of cases and took another look at the Weber case on eBay. Turns out they aren't Weber cases but they were built to fit Weber guitars. Apparently, the high-end mandolin maker made a few acoustic guitars and reso's in the mid 2000's and someone in WV is selling off leftover cases. The case I picked measures within 1/2" of my Tricone's body dimensions, and has extra padding around the periphery on the inside top and bottom to create room for the arched back and tricone bridge. For $95 it weemed like a good deal so I pulled the trigger on it. I'll let yous know how it fits when it arrives.

Charlie Bernstein - Posted - 01/02/2022:  13:44:13

My favorite case company is TKL. Solid construction, fair prices, made in Canada: TKL squareneck cases

swampyankee - Posted - 01/04/2022:  06:31:53

I got the surplus Weber case the other day. My Republic Tricone fits like a glove. The case has extra padding on the outside edges to hold the periphery of the body and prevent any pressure on the guitar's arched back and the bridge. The eBay ad said it was made in Costa Rica so it's probably a GWW Case. I'd recommend one to anyone looking for a good rugged case. I think the seller has 2 more for sale. Not connected with them, but just sayin'..

Edited by - swampyankee on 01/04/2022 06:38:47

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