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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Gretsch 9212 Honey dipper square neck info please

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authorizedbootleg - Posted - 10/28/2022:  10:32:53

Hi All, This is my first post on here, I'm relatively new to resonators. I have a Gretsch bobtail square neck which sounds great, I do busking for charity with it. I have for some time wanted to try a metal bodied resonator and just bought one at a good price. It's a Gretsch 9212 honey dipper square neck. When it arrived the strings were slack, I tuned it up to my favourite GBDGBD tuning. It sounded terrible, it rattles, sounded distorted and had little sustain. I looked at the bridge (which looks like a piece of wood) and it wasn't level being low on the bass string side. On taking the strings off and the cone cover plate I notice that the cone has collapsed under the bridge on the bass side. I contacted the seller who told me it was fine when he sent it and that I had damaged the cone by tuning up to GBDDBD with the fairly heavy gauge strings that were on it. Are the cones that fragile on these that you have to be careful of tunings and strings used. With my Gretsch bobtail it has a spider bridge and seems much stronger. What bridge and cone should I get to put this guitar right ? Thanks for any info

hlpdobro - Posted - 10/28/2022:  14:49:06

I suspect shipping damage.

In your tuning, strings 3&4 are identical?

That guitar should take a standard dobro G-B-D-G-B-D tuning with the usual resonator gauges. (ex. .016-.056) No prob.

You'll replace the cone with a standard "National" style 9.5 inch cone and biscuit bridge.

Note, you have to slot the biscuit bridge and set up the guitar with the new cone.

Good luck


Edited by - hlpdobro on 10/28/2022 14:49:57

tomkatb - Posted - 10/28/2022:  16:03:23

As an owner of this guitar I have read a lot of posts about it.

I have read of a larger than I think is normal number of these issues.

Clueless as to why.

Often after shipping.

My luthier used a Quarterman cone and a hard maple new bridge. Reused the biscuit. Sounds better now.

In My case I broke the factory bridge changing strings.

I tune my guitar in D A D F# A D

authorizedbootleg - Posted - 10/28/2022:  16:13:26

Thanks for that info. Is it you that put the recording on utube "Dark was the night" ? the guitar sounds great and there is lovely feeling in the playing. Hope I get my honey dipper to sound like that.

tomkatb - Posted - 10/29/2022:  07:39:51

I play that particular song.

My guitar sounds like that. It was however hot rodded by Frank Harlow.

Fairly easy to play. I found the tabs somewhere.

MarkinSonoma - Posted - 10/29/2022:  11:19:56

Roger, here is how you copy and paste a link from YouTube on this forum. Make sure you are in Rich Text and you will see in the toolbar a chain link  to the right of the smiling emoji guy. Click on the chain link and there will appear a rectangular box on your screen. Paste the link there and hit OK. The link will appear in blue as below. 

As for Dark Was the Night, though you can get the same general effect lap style with a bar, that version was played "upright" on a roundneck Gretsch with a bottleneck slide.

Edited by - MarkinSonoma on 10/29/2022 11:24:10

Biggfoot44 - Posted - 01/05/2023:  18:03:58

I have one of these ! One day , they were MF stupid deal of the day , specifically in pink ( dusty desert rose , or some such fancy name) . It was about half price compared to the other colors . ( Actually , Daughter has claimed it , but she'll let me borrow it occasionally . Not because it's pink , but likes the tone .)

It arrived in fine shape . Came from factory with unknown string like objects , been wearing standard Reso strings , tuned GBDGBD ever since , with no problems .

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