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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Brother Oswald

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JHand - Posted - 03/05/2009:  12:18:30

I am new to the Reso and I love Bluegrass and "old country". I have looked for any learning DVDs either by Brother Oswald or some one teaching his style but can't find any. Does anybody know of any DVD's or VHS tapes.


Brad Bechtel - Posted - 03/05/2009:  13:12:39 has a number of items taught by Dan Huckabee in Brother Oswald's style (among others).

Other suggestions here:

Brad''s Page of Steel:
A web site devoted to electric and acoustic lap steel guitars

Slideman1939 - Posted - 03/06/2009:  08:28:10

Specifically 100% Oswald style instruction: (Clarksville Arkansas) Years ago Bev King traveled from Pa. and later Okla. and learned from Os himself. No CD but good VHS, plus tab.I recommend her product "36 songs for dobro" ($25) and the accompanying tablature booklet ($8.95). The VHS is well made with camera looking down on fingerboard from over Bev's left shoulder and showing the Oswald Hawaiaan slants. i.e. the VHS concentrates more on the left hand bar positions and slants than on the right hand picking.It is clearer and simpler than "split screen" instruction. ALL of her fine instruction is old Oswald Hawaiian style but the 36 song tape is the most bang for the buck.In the 70's and early 80's you couldn't find specific 100% Oswald instruction and Bev King pioneered the catagory. Highly recommended---get both the tape AND the tablature.

Slideman1939 - Posted - 03/06/2009:  08:46:14

Also check out website You have 15 videos including Os himself, Mike Webb, and various pickers all done in the old style. A great Oswaldian site, worth viewing.

GeoBar - Posted - 03/07/2009:  00:52:49

Thanks for the links but .... What is a VHS ?

Please, type slowly and articulate ... I''m French.

jaykellogg - Posted - 03/07/2009:  03:54:00

VHS is a video tape format. Many of us still have VHS players.

W. Jay Kellogg

JHand - Posted - 03/07/2009:  04:51:17

Thak You all so much for the help. Greatly appreciated!!!

oswald - Posted - 03/07/2009:  09:03:58

I had the Dan Huckabee material mentioned. Then after I got to meet Oswald and he showed me how he picked, the Dan Huckabee stuff wasn`t very close to what Oswald did. I think learning how to do slants is likely the most important thing to learn to pick like Oswald.

There ain`t nobody can tell you a thing about playin` dobro, you just gotta learn it for your own self!! (a quote from the king himself - Bashful Brother Oswald)

Slideman1939 - Posted - 03/07/2009:  12:35:29

I had forgotten VHS is an outmoded format.The Bev King/Country Heritage instruction on Oswald style (mentioned above) has a 1986 copywright date and that VHS format tape was state of the art at the time. Based on sales and demand for that type of specific product I guess Bev King (author) elected to keep re-selling the copies of the same tape format--rather than "convert" the same instruction to newer CD format.Technology changes fast and I'm not getting younger so I imagine there are pickers out there not familiar with VHS tape, 8 track cassette tapes, and the oldest, most pre-historic of all dobro instruction--audio cassette tapes--typically various authors offering 6 tapes of 1 hour each (audio) for about $29.00 back in the 1980's. What a long way we have come.Today's starting pickers have options, authors, and formats that were unheard of. AND NOW the computer has You Tube videos of Brother Oswald and Uncle Josh doing their original thing.The young new coneheads have it made.

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