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Nov 4, 2018 - 1:21:38 PM
19 posts since 12/28/2016

I’m looking for a new case. Does anyone have any experience using any of the crossrock fiberglass classical cases for their square neck reso?  Need one to fit an appy.

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Nov 4, 2018 - 2:56:46 PM

91 posts since 9/23/2010

I have a Crossrock fiberglass case for one of my Harlow guitars.  It was about 79.00 to my door from the West Coast. It is somewhat comparable to a Superior brand case perhaps a tad lighter. It is a great case for general use. Mine is discontinued (Denim Blue textured finish) but there are others they sell which are a smoother finish for more money. They are a serviceable case for the money.  See them on

I got tired of everyone's black (or any color really) standard style Tolex cases because they chip, peel and then fall apart (been thru 2 before I went the other way) and generally look like crap after a short time. I will never go back to those Tolex covered cases. SKB has a serviceable dread case for about 119.00 similar to my Crossrock. Gator makes good serviceable cases. I often find these kind of cases in pawn shops for a fraction of the price of new. I pick them up and pass them on to friends.

When I fly, or am seriously traveling, my Pegasus is my go to case. It's better than any Calton, or other brand far as I am concerned, and Sam Gifford is great to work with.

Good luck with your search.


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Nov 5, 2018 - 2:45:30 PM

668 posts since 8/8/2008

Dan, did you get the classical case for your reso? Did you have to alter it so your squareneck fits?  I just saw a $79.00 Crossrock on but it was an ABS molded case and it closes with a zipper.

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Nov 6, 2018 - 4:34:28 PM

91 posts since 9/23/2010

I purchased the dreadnaught sized Crossrock case with latches. I would avoid the zippered case myself. (FWIW stay away from Classical sized cases) Yes I altered the area where the body meets the neck. (cut a slit in the fabric, removed excess foam, re attached the fabric with some spray adhesive. The Jumbo Harlow fits well in it. I replaced the cheap nylon straps with a real nice Latigo Saddle Strap after adding some buckle rings so I can carry it over my shoulder vertical or horizontal as desired. This case shown in this link is a Uke case, but it is Identical to the Crossrock Dreadnaught case I have : Sadly, it is not available anymore (i suppose someone could check with Crossrock) , but it's a decent case for local duty. I get a lot of Inquiries/comments on it at festivals.

I have a Dreadnaught TKL case for my Standard Body Harlow, and did the same with the neck area on this case. I found this case at a Pawn Shop for 30 bucks!

The cool thing about these cases besides the fact that they don't chip or peel, is that if you want them to look nice again after they dull from dust etc.....I take Armor all or  Meguiars  equivalent spray gloss to them and let it set a bit, them wipe them down and they look great!

I use identical gear in each case so if I want to swap cases/guitars it's a quick swap and go.

Good luck,


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Nov 6, 2018 - 5:04:03 PM

668 posts since 8/8/2008

That is a very attractive case, I can see why you get comments and questions. Thanks for the info Dan and the link.

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Nov 7, 2018 - 12:27:54 PM
likes this

91 posts since 9/23/2010

Your welcome Jan!



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