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Krivo / Fishman Nashville pups - sound samples

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Jun 7, 2022 - 9:34:17 AM
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Here are my sound samples comparing the Krivo reso pickup (both with and without the JD Aura...), and the Fishman Nashville pup w/ Aura.

These were recorded direct line in to PC (no amp).

3 separate mp3 clips attached...not sure what order they will show in post, so look at the file title for description.

Each clip has a snippet of Whiskey BB, followed by some noodling (which I tried to replicate in each separate clip).

No effects added, other than a sub 50Hz EQ cut.

Playing is rough, but hopefully gives an idea. Used National Scheerhorn for the clips.

I have my thoughts...

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Jun 7, 2022 - 11:58:37 AM
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Got my new hearing aids yesterday and to me I still like the sound of the Fishman/JD Aura the best. The Krivo isn't half bad, of course me hearing is!

Jun 7, 2022 - 12:12:18 PM

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I'm going to chalk it up to direct line into PC because minimal or no "sound shaping" is available, but I didn't care for any of them.

To give the Krivo the benefit of the doubt, I recall times when I was a church band leader and the sound man would give me a CD of a board  recording and it would have kind of a sterile vibe, didn't capture  much of the live Sunday service. No "airiness." So there's that.

The Aura brings out a little bit of the actual Reso sound, but nothing like it does when combined with the Nashville pickup. I'm guessing  due to the direct to the computer business, it still came off as kind of harsh and metallic. 

The Krivo on it's own  - at least direct to the computer - didn't seem to capture much of a resophonic guitar vibe at all. 

Florida luthier Damon Wack decided some years ago he doesn't like the Nashville pickup insert unplugged for acoustic  only, so he uses different inserts along with the Krivo run into a ToneDexter by Audio Sprockets.  He and his wife Linda visited us from Florida several years ago, they were on a West coast tour to visit his daughter in Oregon, and came down in their battleship size motor home and "moored" it at an RV park here in Sonoma County. He brought some of his guitars - very nice! But I only played them acoustic. I don't believe he had the Krivo yet. 

Jamie, thank you for the effort and when you have the time it would be cool to record some samples that aren't direct to computer as a comparison.  

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Jun 7, 2022 - 2:06:06 PM

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OK good point on the "direct in to PC" factor; I was originally trying to isolate just the pickups. Hence no amp/ tone shape.

Here are same comparisons done with a mic'd Boss acoustic amp. Mic is an Oktava SDC. See if this changes anything on the comparisons. No effects except tiny smidge of 'verb on all 3 clips.

Jun 7, 2022 - 7:28:13 PM



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Thanks for doing the tests. One thing it has shown me is NOT to consider one of these.
The Reso/Dobro has some really complex harmonics coming from the instrument, a lot of which gets focused via the cone. A piezo pickup on the saddle or even K&K attached to the cone are going to pickup those sounds and nuances. This pickup(Krivo) is basically an electric pickup that is picking up string vibrations.
So this results in the sound from the Krivo lacks the warmth, depth and presence of the natural sound generated via the body, cone etc.
Combined with the Aura it does give a simulated sound of the reso, but not near enough.

If anyone has a Piezo pickup but cannot afford the Aura, I have been experimenting over the last few years with the NUX Optima Air. This unit is cheaper. It has a really good EQ (based on the Neve EQ) which is really sensitive. It has 1/4" outputs plus send and returns and a 3-pin DI. The built in reverb is reasonable. BUT.
The thing that makes it really useful and differs from the Aura is that you record YOUR instrument with a good mic and the direct output from the piezo pickup, into the NUX. It analyzes the two signals and basically says This is what the instrument sounds like (via the mic) and I will change the piezo sound by an EQ curve to make the piezo sound like the miked sound. It has presets that can be selected by foot switches. So if you play three reso's with different tunings for example you can have a preset for each.

Jun 7, 2022 - 8:18:31 PM

448 posts since 11/28/2012

Peter, I’d be interested in hearing more about the NUX Optima Air. If you’re ever inclined to share samples, that would be even better. Is it a quiet box? I had seen some reviews commenting on its noisy operation.

Also, for anyone reading this thread…I replaced the original clips from post #1 with the new ones in my post #4. That’s why you don’t see the clips in the first post…just scroll to post #4 to find them. (The first clips were recorded direct to PC and didn’t give as good a representation as with an amp…)

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Jun 8, 2022 - 7:39:56 PM



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Jamie, I cannot do any samples from my reso as it does not have a piezo pickup. If anyone has or gets the NUX Optima Air, remember these boxes (LR Baggs, Tonedexter etc) are designed to work with Piezo.
Jamie I have not found this unit to be noisy. In fact mine is very quiet. Like all pedals etc if people use cheap cables they will get noise. Mainly I use the Boss WL-20L wireless transmitters which eliminates cables and is very quiet.
If anyone has the NUX then there may be a couple of sites that may help them.
Database of free IR's

Optima Forum

NUX Optima Air Youtube Review and IR creation

Jun 9, 2022 - 5:54:02 PM

4053 posts since 7/27/2008

Here is a video from Damon Wack who I mentioned earlier.Damon builds Lindamon guitars in Florida. 

Since my desktop computer  has been down for awhile it's just a link rather than my usual practice of embedding the video in the post. I have yet to figure out how to "embed" here from an iPhone. 

I haven't contacted Damon to confirm, but I'm pretty sure he's running the Krivo into a ToneDexter by Audio Sprockets.

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Jun 9, 2022 - 7:19:13 PM

448 posts since 11/28/2012

Mark, thanks for posting. Good playing by Damon. But be aware that whatever mic (or phone) he is using is picking up his reso acoustically, the same way it is picking up his voice. Sounds like he does have an amplified signal in the background (maybe?) but it’s underneath his stronger acoustic recorded reso + vocal.

I’m just going by the visual and audio clues from the video.

I mean, did you hear how magnetic sounding my “pickup only” clip was? (I was careful to not capture any acoustic sound…the idea being to test tone for loud amplified gigs).

I’d be really surprised if he got that level of pickup tone shaping from his ToneDexter. But hey, perhaps it really can shape it to that natural sound.

Thanks again for the clip.

Jun 12, 2022 - 2:26:49 PM

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The Fishman w/ Aura is most Dobro- like .

The Krivo no Aura could have a place in blues or country rock , as long as you don't expect to sound like a Reso .

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Jun 14, 2022 - 12:00:01 PM

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On my tricone the Krivo absolutely sounds like a reso, but with a warm overtone from the magnetic pickup. the Krivo pickup actually is stacked, with the bottom piece unpotted, to pick up body vibrations not just string vibration.

It clearly isn't the same as a fishman/aura (which I use on my single cones), but in a band with other instruments it quite clearly and audibly holds down the reso it works for me. also, there aren't a lot of other options for a tricone...

I find that pretty much anything with an aura sounds quite similar...try plugging a regular guitar in and you'll still hear a "Jerry Douglas in a can" tone...

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