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Apr 5, 2023 - 1:04:18 PM
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This is probably the most unusual post on this subject..
As you all know, the spider sets directly on the cone and the cone vibrates when the strings are plucked.
The screw which is located in the bottom center of the cone is adjusted to give proper tension to the cone. This screw is crucial to the vibration of the cone as well.
Does the screw have any influence on the way the cone reacts to the spider or the final tone of the instrument ?
What are your thoughts or comments on this ? Let's hear from you !

Apr 5, 2023 - 1:58:36 PM

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Not sure where you're going with this Tom. If everything is in alignment, and the screw is at  optimum tightness, then of course the screw has an effect on tone.

Are  you asking if it has something to do with the material the screw is made of? 

Apr 5, 2023 - 1:59:13 PM
likes this

2455 posts since 8/3/2008

Your first paragraph answers the question in your second paragraph.


Apr 7, 2023 - 8:33:48 AM



1080 posts since 6/13/2012

Many thanks to Mark and Howard for their thoughts on this topic.
The material that the screw is made of is inconsequential seems like.
My thought was does the screw which is attached to the bottom of the cone (to tighten or loosen the cone), contributes to the over-all tone of the guitar?
So the answer is....

Apr 7, 2023 - 6:17:58 PM
like this

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I’m starting to understand your question I believe, using an electric guitar comparison. Considering the tone control, is the screw like the knob or the pot?

The pot does what the knob tells it to do based on the player’s tweaks, so yes.

Apr 9, 2023 - 10:25:43 AM

1034 posts since 1/10/2009

The guitar would sound completely different without the screw, if at all. So the answer is yes. I also believe the screw material makes a difference; a nylon screw versus steel or brass would sound different. 

Edited by - AK Slider on 04/09/2023 10:29:39

Apr 9, 2023 - 11:40:54 AM

722 posts since 1/18/2012

I vaguely remember a thread in Reso-Nation about 10 years ago where someone postulated that brass screws sounded better than stainless (or was it vice-versa?).


Apr 9, 2023 - 12:50:11 PM



1080 posts since 6/13/2012

Lounge Primate.. this changes everything !
Has anyone actually used a different material for the screw to prove this theory?
I might add that a brass screw would be the best material but no one has come up with any proof. That I know of. Anyone else out there to answer that question ?

Apr 9, 2023 - 1:07:43 PM

722 posts since 1/18/2012

I think if it really changed anything, someone would remember ;-)

Edited by - Lounge Primate on 04/09/2023 13:08:08

Apr 9, 2023 - 1:25:30 PM

4510 posts since 7/27/2008

The thing about "better," provided one could actually  hear it - I think the word "different" is more appropriate. 

Might sound better to one player - and worse to another. 

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