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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: square neck? round neck?

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jamesl - Posted - 08/07/2008:  00:16:40

I have'nt got a resonator guitar yet,i've tuned an old electric guitar i've got the same as a reso and i'm gunna use that until i get one just need some advice on which type to get.I know the round neck is held the same as a guitar and the square neck is held on your lap, what are the other differences and which one would you advise me to get.

harperk31794 - Posted - 08/07/2008:  05:02:09

Basically either will do, however, the basic difference is the string height, round necks are made to be fretted like an accoustic guitar and are used predominately for Blues (with a bottle neck slide mostly), Square Necks couldn't be fretted if you tried the strings are at least 3/8" above the neck and used predominately for Bluegrass. Traditionally they are tuned differently as well with the round neck tuned to standard guitar tuning (EADGBE) and square necks tuned to Open G tuning (GBDGBD) but as I said either can be used for Bluegrass Dobro style by using a nut extender on the round neck however the square neck cannot be used for traditional blues style playing unless you are king kong or somthin'.

Bottom line, if you play blues get a round neck, if you play bluegrass get a square neck.


IFKAD, So Easy a Caveman can do it.

wmrazek - Posted - 08/07/2008:  11:06:16

Does it affect the sound?


jamesl - Posted - 08/08/2008:  00:34:31

Just bought a flint dobro for $400 aus,i should have it by next week, has anyone heard of this brand?

Beard Guitars - Posted - 08/08/2008:  06:27:45

Square neck guitars have wider necks which accommodate standard string spacings. The necks are typically massive and will withstand the higher tensions that most open tunings require. Most round necks, over time, will not stand up to these tensions. This may mean significant damage over the long haul. Electrics' necks typically are MORE fragile than acoustic round neck guitars'.

All of this assumes standard open "dobro" G tuning with the usual resonator guitar string gauges.


Howard Parker
Beard Guitars, LLC

Edited by - Beard Guitars on 08/08/2008 06:29:19

Brad Bechtel - Posted - 08/08/2008:  08:59:07

Originally posted by jamesl

Just bought a flint dobro for $400 aus,i should have it by next week, has anyone heard of this brand?

Do you mean Flinthill? They get generally good reviews on Harmony Central.

Brad''s Page of Steel:
A web site devoted to electric and acoustic lap steel guitars

Bunyan Bob - Posted - 08/08/2008:  13:39:57

A Flinthill?!?!

That's what my cheapie is!!! I must say, it's not really that bad. I've had it for ten years now, and it's holding up great. No flaws in the finish and a very stable platform indeed. I rodded it slightly with a few torques and tweaks, and it's been right on ever since. The finish is almost bullet proof and the wood hasn't budged at all.

I thought I was the only person on the planet that had one of these things...

"Never mind the dog, I''m the one who''s howling on the porch!"

jamesl - Posted - 08/18/2008:  01:09:25

Yes it is flinthill.


Preston Thompson - Posted - 08/18/2008:  05:07:18

We have a flat picker around here that plays some of the best flat picking you will hear on a reso roundneck. It's been said round necks are for blues. This fellow does flat picking bluegrass and really gives it a ride. I love it.

Also remember, the squareneck plays with a steel bar and effectively has you playing with the tip of the bar, which is like using one finger to type. I've tackled a number of instruments over the years, but this dobro squareneck is the hardest one I've tried to learn. So many little things that have to be done right to even get a sound without a rattle. Pick it like a banjo and play it like a steel guitar. What a task.

To me, there is no resemblance in the sound of the two resos. Two different applications.


Play it again, Sam. Over, and over, and over:

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