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Dave - Posted - 08/13/2008:  20:36:56

Has anyone tried the Shubb bar? The one with the wood handle?

Larry_Waisner - Posted - 08/14/2008:  05:03:38

No, I use an SP-2 quite a lot these day's.

Larry Waisner
"The LORD Works In Wonderful Way''s"

scottbow - Posted - 08/14/2008:  05:18:35

See the post, "What's on/under your fingers?" Several are using the Shubb, myself included!

I find it easier to hang on to than an all-steel bar, especially on slants.

UPDATE: Background info on the Gary Swallows steel, from which the Shubb GS-1 was developed. quietness and in confidence shall be your strength...

Edited by - scottbow on 08/14/2008 05:25:37

exdmd - Posted - 08/14/2008:  05:34:26

I've tried every steel out there and I keep coming back to the Shubb GS. My only complaint is that it is a tad too light, but you adjust to that. Second choice is the EG Smith steel bar, very hard to find.


MitchC - Posted - 08/14/2008:  06:43:57

I found EG Smith steels at Greg Boyd here for anyone looking to find them ... ordered both, sold both. Just don't like stainless steel I guess ? I keep going back to the chrome Scheerhorn or Tipton RT2 - I DID like the GS alot too, but it's light weight doesn't quite yeild the tone of other heavier bars.

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Bunyan Bob - Posted - 08/14/2008:  07:27:35

Boy, you can't even find steels around here, and shipping is ridiculous...When I started playing way back, I grabbed a set of old wrist pins from a 340 Magnum motor we were working on in the shop( All hail Mother Mopar!)...figured they'd have good 'mojo' and I got a set of 8 for free! Talk about HARD steel! The weight is nice, and they're absolutely, perfectly round....if you don't mind a round steel. The bevel on the end is nice for doing pull off work as well....

I know, a little unorthodox, but we're making it work!

"Never mind the dog, I''m the one who''s howling on the porch!"

banjomon - Posted - 08/14/2008:  09:16:57

The Shubb is one that I've not tried yet. Sooner or later one will probably find its' way in to my collection........

Dave - Posted - 08/14/2008:  09:27:27

Thanks for the input. I bought one and I really like the feel but the tone is a lot different. Even my wife noticed and she usually don't notice anything. I aint saying the tone was bad. Just quite a bit different than the Stevens or the SP. I'm new at the Dobro and I also cut up my left index finger on a table saw a few years ago so the wood feels great but I do like the sound of the SP more. I'll probably use the GS most of the time but I was wondering if anyone else noticed the difference.

Will Andrew - Posted - 08/14/2008:  09:51:15

The Shubb with wood handle fits perfect in my hand, but the mass of the metal is too light to get good tone. For that reason I don't use it. It sounds thin. Too bad, it really fits my hand so nicely.

If tone is good from a slide, the only other consideration is that it feels good in the hand.

The chrome Scheerhorn fits my hand good and has excellent tone.

El Dobro - Posted - 08/14/2008:  20:24:33

I bought a Shubb Pearse #1 and didn't like it much, so I hacksawed the curved end of it off and now use it for a practice bar. It didn't take long to start wearing through the plating.


MitchC - Posted - 08/15/2008:  15:15:57

It's really too bad, cuz I love the feel of the GS alot ! Wish they could somehow make it the same weight as the Scheerhorn chrome... I'd switch in a heartbeat.

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