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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Cling On - Tuner/Pickup

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MJC252 - Posted - 02/16/2022:  09:51:37

I just received a tuner and pickup from Cling On. I am wondering if anyone else has used them. The tuner works great on my Gold Tone PBS-D with the magnetic base attached to the cover plate. The pickup is a different story. I wanted something that was nondestructive to the instrument. Before I remove the cover plate and start placing the magnets which hold the pickup to the instrument top, I want to ask if anyone else has done this and has any suggestions as to where the best placement position would be located. I have watched a youtube video showing the procedure but I thought I would tap into the massive brain trust here for added advise.
I also have a Gretsch 9210 Boxcar square neck and was able to experiment with the pickup by sliding the magnetic pickup base around through the f-hole and had varying results. I use the pickup for direct line in recording and then adjust the eq parameters. I have not used it with an amp and probably won't anytime soon. I am familiar with piezo pickups and they can be tricky little gadgets to say the least.
Anyone willing to share their experience and advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Michael

MarkinSonoma - Posted - 02/16/2022:  13:38:38

Well, the price is right. I hadn't heard of Cling On and visited the website. I've heard a lot worse when it comes to dobro pickups.

As far as the dobro demo, it sounded best to me mounted near the treble side screen ring hole, which makes for easy placement as opposed to back near the coverplate. 

The magnetic attachment tuner seems kind of cool and if I were low on headstock tuners I might give it a try. 

MarkinSonoma - Posted - 02/16/2022:  16:03:35

This dobro demo was on the website and I copped it from YouTube.

DaveInAL - Posted - 02/18/2022:  06:28:19

It appears that the Cling On pickup is not a "magnetic" pickup in the conventional sense but a transducer type pickup that uses a magnetic mounting scheme. I'd like to hear it through an amp. I have a Krivo pickup which is a true magnetic pickup with acoustic (microphonic) properties. Haven't used it much yet but it has a hybrid magnetic/acoustic sound which works for the few times I need to play plugged in. Costs a bit more also.

MarkinSonoma - Posted - 02/18/2022:  16:04:49

I guess it's considered to be some type of piezo transducer. There have been a number of different takes on the concept, though I don't recall seeing one with the interior magnets.

When the rubber hits the road, where  a lot of this type runs into problems is being used onstage in a loud mixed acoustic/electric scenario. Tone quality  aside, they can be a big problem with feedback. 

Dave, you wrote that the Krivo costs "a bit more." Try about triple the price. 

I'vd gotten good use out of my main guitar with the Fishman Nashville p'up run through the JD Aura pedal, but it's expensive. 

If I needed a pickup just every once in awhile nowadays I'd probably go with the Krivo. I have listened to multiple Krivo demos, and because it's a magnetic pickup, it still sounds slightly lap steelish, but I don't know that anyone in a typical audience could tell the difference, particularly in a mixed acoustic/electric group.

It's early for the Cling On - I'd say the jury is still out on this one. 



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