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The benefits of taking C60

Posted by ElizaPrenzel on Thursday, December 24, 2020

C60 benefits are the most powerful free-radical antioxidant and this may not be the only beneficial effect of C60. Too many free radicals can damage the body, worsen injuries, age the body, and cause disease.

Free radicals are naturally produced by the body. In every cell there are miniature power plants called mitochondria that produce the body's energy. As in any power plant, the mitochondria emit pollutants and some of them are free radicals.

When these unstable molecules get out of whack, they damage your body; this damage creates more free radicals and, if not controlled, leads to a chain reaction called oxidative stress. Additionally, there are insults our bodies receive from toxins in the environment, our food, solar radiation and even the low levels of radiation from cell phones and Wi-Fi all contribute to this.

Oxidative stress

You can help yourself by not smoking or drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, eating a healthy diet high in antioxidants, and using sunscreen. However, free radicals occur in every cell in our body so there is no escape.

As mentioned earlier, a healthier lifestyle can help reduce exposure to free radicals. How about some exercise? When you exercise, your body needs more energy and these mitochondria work very hard. As a result, they produce lots of free radicals and your body feels the effects of oxidative stress. The pain and fatigue we feel in our muscles after strenuous exercise has been attributed to free radicals. Since oxidative stress with age tended to deteriorate, losing the older people in power.

What are c60 benefits and why is it so good? As mentioned earlier, antioxidants are beneficial. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, as are many other vitamins. One of the reasons they're good for us is because they neutralize free radicals. C60 works against free radicals and is in fact the most efficient free radical neutralizer known to science. C60 is known as a free radical sponge that just picks up free radicals and then recharges to neutralize more. C60 also binds to many different toxins and thus helps both inside and neutralize the harmful effects outside the body.

Why is c60 benefits in edible oils? C60 is insoluble in water, but it dissolves and binds to oil. This allows it to be absorbed and travel through the body and enter the cells. It was found in cell membranes, especially mitochondria, and neutralizes radicals there as soon as they appear.

Dr. Fathi Moussa is a leading global scientist in the field of C60. He carried out studies on the toxicity of C60 on behalf of the European Union and found that C60 is absolutely safe. People have not been reported to overeat.


Now that you know what free radicals are doing to you, why not take the world's most powerful antioxidant? You owe it to yourself. This is a new discovery that you could benefit from. Live longer, live better from now on.


Studies show that C60 acts as a super antioxidant, helping the body's cells to regenerate.

It has a slight positive charge of +2 that attracts negatively charged oxidative free radicals and neutralizes them. Each C60 neutralizes large amounts of oxidizing free radicals per second. This occurs without the C60 molecule being modified or losing reducing power.

C60 restarts quickly and keeps working. When the cells of the body are rid of an existing oxidative load of free radicals, they can return to function with maximum natural efficiency and begin repair.

Increased energy, physical and mental performance, faster recovery from physical exertion/exercise, and virility are just a few of the reported benefits of C60.

Because everyone's physiology is different, it is impossible to predict the effects of C60.

Note: Carbon 60 has not been evaluated by the FDA, due to known economic interests in the health sector.

We recommend that anyone considering C60 do their own research. Here are some links on health benefits to help you get started:

C60 is a powerful antioxidant that has effects on unsaturated fats.

C60 removes superoxide, which is a toxic byproduct of cellular metabolism that contributes to tissue damage in many human diseases.

A review of scientific research has shown that C60 has antioxidant and longevity effects given its ability to scavenge reactive oxygen species.

The proposed mechanism indicates that C60 has the ability to acquire a positive charge through the absorption of protons (positively charged hydrogen atoms) and this complex could enter the mitochondria, leading to a decrease in the production of reactive oxygen species.

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